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Online faxing is a new method of faxing and is gaining more popularity with each passing day. Nowadays, people use the internet as a medium for faxing their documents. So, if you were not aware of such a fantastic faxing way, read this guide till the end to know all about it.

The faxing method has been prevalent in the communication world. Even though it comes from the old times, faxing has held its ground until now as the most secure method of communication.

Its safety measures are top of the line, and people find faxing to be the safest way to deliver their documents. However, the millions of people that use faxing nowadays are not doing it the old way. They have a beautiful new idea that has made faxing more comfortable than ever.

The traditional faxing method that we all know of is old fashioned and requires things like fax machines and fax modems that seem impractical to use in today’s world. The big and huge fax machines are nothing but just a hassle and require money and maintenance.

The new method of online faxing is just what the faxing world was waiting for. It is convenient, easy and most of all, it doesn’t require impractical things like fax machines, phone lines, and fax modems. No fax machines mean no paper, ink or toner to maintain it.

Through this guide, you will get to know a superb way of faxing online and also the benefits you get through it. The fantastic fax service in this guide is not only efficient but is also free. So, let’s start with it.

CocoFax – Online Faxing Like Never Before:


CocoFax is the best online fax service that assists you in sending fax online. CocoFax’s free fax online services are excellent and extremely efficient. You can send your fax to any corner of the world. Local as well as global faxing, both are accessible with CocoFax.

Where faxing from mobile phones is concerned, you can fax them from both Android phones and iPhones. CocoFax answers all questions like ‘how to send a fax from iPhone’ in the most efficient way. CocoFax has the most effective services for both types of gadgets.


CocoFax is well-reputed all over the world. Its amazing services are utilized throughout the world, and its popularity has reached every corner. Millions of individuals around the planet using only CocoFax for the safe transfer of their faxes.
CocoFax’s services have received praise not only from its users but also from various international media firms. Many news outlets like Toms Guide, Forbes, and Tech Radar have reviewed CocoFax thoroughly and have recommended it to the fax lovers.

CocoFax allows you to fax from any device you want. You can use your computer, tablet or even mobile phone to fax your documents to another place. And don’t worry about the fax machines, they are out of the scene. If you have one already, you can happily get rid of it.

Why is CocoFax Necessary?

Well, we know that this question might be in your minds. So we will answer it well. CocoFax is necessary for online faxing, and here’s why.

Online faxing is the combination of two platforms, fax, and the internet. Well, to combine platforms, compatibility is necessary. But in case of online faxing, there’s no such compatibility.

Faxing utilizes analog signals, whereas the internet is digitally powered. That’s why both of these platforms cannot get along that well. They need an online fax service that bridges up the gap in-between and ends this incompatibility issue. And no other fax service can be better than CocoFax.


What Does CocoFax need for Online Faxing?

There are a few things that CocoFax requires, and you must make sure of this. Here we have listed these things.
An internet connection

First of all, when you are thinking of online faxing, you must have an internet connection. Online faxing cannot be done without an internet connection, so make sure of that. Connect the device, from which you will fax to the internet to continue with online faxing.

A CocoFax account

Using an online fax service requires signing up with it. So, you must get yourself registered with CocoFax if you wish to use its faxing services. You can do it by visiting the official website that opens in any internet browser.

CocoFax also has a fantastic facility for a 30-day free trial. Through this free monthly trial, you get to check on the services freely for an entire month.

A fax number

Another necessary thing for online faxing is the fax number. If you wish to send or receive faxes through the internet, you must possess a fax number.

But when you have CocoFax, there’s no need to worry about that. If you have signed up with CocoFax, you will be provided with a free fax number. And guess what, this free fax number is custom made. You are allowed to choose your fax number yourself.

Step-by-Step Guide for Online Faxing:

Step 1: When you are starting with CocoFax, you must sign-up with it first. You can begin to use its services only if you have registered yourself up with it. For this purpose, you can visit the official site and opt for the 30-day free trial option. Also, select a suitable fax number for yourself when the sign-up process starts.


Step 2: When you’ve chosen your fax number, and other sign-up steps are also done, your dashboard will appear through which you can start composing your fax. By clicking the ‘New Fax’ button, the composing window will open.

The ‘To’ field is for the fax address of the recipient. The subject field is for any top notes of the actual fax document. And the cover page is for the content of the introductory page, as the name suggests.

Once you have double-checked everything, hit the send button and wait for the confirmation message to arrive on the dashboard.


CocoFax is the perfect solution for all faxing problems. With its effective fax services, CocoFax stays at the top. Start using CocoFax right away if you need to deliver your faxes safely.

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