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Are you finding it hard to fix common appliances at home that require repairing from time to time? Worry no more, as below mentioned tips and tricks will help you sort out the most common appliance repair problems that can be done in no time. Most of the appliance repair work that arises from time to time can be resolved with straightforward solutions. All repair methods explained below are simple and can be done without the aid of any professionals.

Appliance insurance is getting very popular, especially for appliances that are heavy and are expensive. What is to be noticed is that not all expenses that occur while repairing are covered under insurance.

How to Solve Common Appliance Problems?

Learning some simple tips and tricks to repair appliances can save you from many troubles.


Lights are one of the primary power sources in any house. When the light switch does not function, it is always advised to first check the main panel for the circuit breaker. These days modern home lighting comes with added security features that can signal a fuse by dropping one of the main switches in the unit. You have to look for the main switch, which is down and lift it.


Sometimes dryers tend to make a rattling noise, and figuring out the problem becomes impossible. There might be something lying on the dryer bin that is creating the noise. Open the dryer bin and clean it thoroughly.


Refrigerators are appliances that are on use round the clock, and anything wrong with such appliances can bring great trouble to homes. As entirely everything we eat and cook lies in the refrigerator, it is hence utmost necessary to know some cool tips and tricks to do minor repair work. Refrigerators generally face issues with the coils that are housed behind the appliance. To keep things simple, it is first essential to check the coils for any pet hair. Hairs and other small substances can restrain the coils form functioning. Pull out the coil and brush them off thoroughly to provide cooling more efficiently.

Gas Stove

Stove burners frequently require cleaning to keep it safe from any blockages. Many times it has been seen that the burners restrain form lighting up due to blockages caused previously. In instances like these, it is always advised to clean the stove properly with a brush. It will help to remove the entire food spill from the igniter, which is hard to get done with bare hands or a cloth.


Some common problems faced with washers are it generally starts rocking the cabinet during the spin cycle. In instances like these, you can check the bottom and adjust the legs. Try to keep the cabinet at a leveled position by screwing it tight or vice versa. You can also quickly fix smelly washing machines by merely using a particular mold-killing tablet and running a cycle. This is to be done, leaving the washer doors open to help in drying instantly.


An oven is one of the most prominent dishes in any kitchen, which can harm the cooking process if faced with any problem. It is essential to have some simple tips and tricks to ascertain the problem to avoid substantial expenses on repairs. One of the main issues faced in ovens is to adjust the temperature. Oven temperature and thermometer play a very prominent role. The oven temperature can be fixed by resetting both the temperatures. This will bring everything to be healthy. All steps to the procedure for changing the temperature are also mentioned in the manual.

Water Dispenser

Having to repair a broken dispenser can turn very tricky if not guided correctly. To get it done to form a professional would be very expensive. The solution is straightforward and will take less than an hour. Using simple hand tools to open the broken dispenser is the solution. Various tools are lying at your house like range and screwdrivers, which will come in use to replace the broken dispenser with a new one.


Repairing appliances by oneself is rewarding as the process is quick and saves money. Knowing the repair mentioned above tricks will provide you with total home protection at all times. Make sure to have all the necessary essential tools ready to avoid any delays.

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