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The word digital marketing can be better known as online marketing or internet advertising media. These days, when the usage of the internet goes double, it became mandatory for the companies to shift their market from traditional technique to modern form. The Internet is the only source where you can massively affect the target audience and convert them into leads. To see your company on next higher level businessmen prefer to use Digital Marketing technique, which comprises 5 D’s. The 5Ds approach means the use of Digital Devices, Digital Platform, Digital Media, Digital Data and Digital Technology in Digital Marketing.

These 5Ds provide the opportunities for brands to reach their customers, define their needs and expectation from the company. On the other hand, it benefits the customers to interact directly with their brands.

Let’s have a brief look at how Digital Marketing’s help you to start up your business higher level:

Worldwide Customer Coverage

Digital marketing is a place where one can cover worldwide customer with the use of internet only. A person sitting in Australia can easily sell and buy goods from any corner of the world just by using SEO Services in Australia. If you are a business starter preferring Digital marketing is an effective approach for you. One can easily visit their target audience via emails, content marketing, PPC, SEO, SMO, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing and through many other options.

Digital marketing has proved itself a better approach over traditional marketing techniques. In fact, digital marketing has also extended itself from the internet to non-internet channels also in the form of SMS, MMS, Call back, on hold mobile ringtones etc.

Early Market Analysis Approach

Using Digital Marketing Technique, one can know about productive and non- productive methods used by business professionals. A businessman or a professional having analytical skill can check the website traffic source and can put more efforts in case of any loophole. You can also keep a track on competitors actions in strategies formulation. Highly in search keywords can be found and Ads can be put on a major search engine to generate more traffic.

Applying Business marketing trending techniques proves highly beneficial for new business startups. It minimizes the Company’s efforts and provides better results.

Use of SMO

Social Media Optimization is a high trending technique where massive traffic is found. It is the best platform for the businessman to advertise their products on social media for their brand awareness. Fluctuating regular ads on these platforms help in high conversion rates. As per the survey on April 2018, worldwide population is 7.6 billion, internet user 4.6 billion, whereas social media users are 3.03 billion. As per average 5.54 social media accounts are found per person. The further Social media user data is divided as follow:

Social Media Source

User Population (in millions)







Facebook Messenger




We Chat






Least Cost Strategy

Using digital marketing technique for the business houses is more cost effective as compared to traditional one. Advertisement through Pay Per Click is on high demand. Pay Per Click is the technique where the companies pay money to Google or another search engine only when customer click on their ads. Moreover, it provides the benefit of listing the company on top of the page with certain keywords.

Apart from these, certain other approaches are also there where business organization bears no or very nominal cost but can reach the audience at glance. Some of them are Blog Post, Social Media Posts, Case Studies, Testimonials, White Papers, Images, Infographics, videos, E-books, Case Studies, and Podcasts etc. these are highly beneficial from customer and businessman point of view.

Lesser Resources Required

Digital marketing helps the business starters to start a business even if they have fewer resources. You can work with your new idea only, like Amazon, Uber, Zomato, and OYO are the biggest examples of Digital Marketing results. These companies earn millions dollars turnover per annum but do not have any of their own resources. They are serving worldwide just by using internet marketing approach.

On the other hand, if you open a new store or with the limited stock still you have chances to shine on the internet world. Use proper digital marketing techniques and get the advantage from WWW.

Quick Customer Approach

Days are gone when customer’s issues are hardly considered by companies. Nowadays, “Customer is King”, any issue related to customers is resolved immediately by the companies. If any business entity fails on this prospect, customers without thinking twice shifts to other brands. It is a great loss for the companies.

Using Digital Marketing Approach, companies are able to solve this problem and can easily interact with a customer using email, calls, SMS, MMS techniques. Big brands have established their own customer care center to hear the customer grievances and their technical department immediately take action on the issue.

High Conversion Rate

Digital Marketing gives analytics and strategies easy to use approach. With Google Analytics one can measure the traffic rate, the traffic path, and the number of visitors who visit your website regularly. You can also have a detailed study about bounce rate, web pages loading speed and information regarding conversion goals.

On the other hand, if you find a low conversion rate find out the reason whether your landing page design is inefficient to complete a task or your offer is off base means too expensive or not valuable for your target audience. Using digital marketing techniques can easily guide you for these issues and one can with little efforts enhance the conversion rates.

Final Words

The Contemporary world is all about technology. Digital Marketing is a great and surprisingly powerful tool to establish your business on a higher level. Using Search Engine Optimisation in Adelaide one can promote your products and services on the World Wide Web and get more business opportunities easily and quickly.

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