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If you aren’t using video in your marketing yet, it’s high time to begin. Videos have become an essential part of digital marketing for a past few years and with its growing impact and success it plays a central role in marketing outreach. It is a human tendency to capture things well when it gets an audio and visual of anything.  According to Wyzowl, 79% of consumers prefer watching video to reading about a product. But when it comes to strategy, there’s a lot to consider.

Secrets of successful video marketing

  1. Deliver your best in first 10 seconds: Your video should be accomplished so well that it could attract one’s attraction within the first 10 seconds since in this fast-moving world, people do not have time to actually spend a few minutes in understanding the perspective of your video. These first few seconds can be the deciding factor for the turn-up ratio of your sales. Your video should immediately answer the question that “why should I watch it?”

  1. Push your videos on social media: Social platforms are a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Today, it is vital for all businesses to have an active presence on social channels to drive brand awareness and boost sales. Such platforms allow your videos to be shared which leads to an increase in click-through rates. Facebook posts including a video generate about 100% more engagement than the average post.

  1. Use customer generated content: User-generated content is more likely to generate a response than company-generated content. When people see your ideal customers behind the camera showcasing their passion for your product, this imparts excitement in them and encourages them to give your product a try. This strategy works amazingly in enhancing people’s trust on you and offers more credibility and loyalty towards them.

  1. Make high-quality videos:  It’s important to stay focused on quality over quantity.  The audience will develop a negative perception of your brand if you publish a poor quality video because they are used to watching high-quality videos. Getting video shares expands your reach. This cannot be attained if you drive your attention away from the video’s quality. High-quality videos will lead to prolonged engagement and hence will captivate your target audience which will eventually turn into your ideal customers in the long run.

  1. Be clear in your objective: Determine what result you are expecting from your business video, if it is for increasing brand awareness, for explaining your product or for some other reason. It needs to fit your strategy and needs to have its own clear message. Incorporating too many messages or no message can lead you to a situation where the audience loses interest or even trust in a worst case. Delivering only a single message makes your video shorter and hence more concise. Once you have an objective, the rest becomes clear.

The kind of revolution that video has brought to the world of digitization is next to an incredible innovation. The true utilization of this revolution lies in our hands. How we use our knowledge, investment, and skills to make the best out of this remarkable marketing strategy.

Cracking the Video Marketing Code

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