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Oris Aquis Watch, founded in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, has a rich and famous history of producing top-of-the-line watches that come with reasonable prices. The brand has encountered a resurgence in the past years.

Today, all modern collections of Oris timepieces are proudly powered by mechanical movements. And even some models have used the brand’s special in-house calibers. In 2011, the brand introduced the Aquis collection, a modern inspired timepiece with various models.

The previous brand’s dive watch, the vintage-design Divers Sixty-Five, is created out of inspiration from the past models of Oris. But this Aquis represents the modern face of watches that Oris released in the market and makes up their entire contemporary collection.

The only downside with Acquis is deciding which one you pick to wear. To help you with which best model to choose, we have listed the five best Acquis models where you can check their features.

Aquis Date

The Aquis Date is one of the top picks and best-selling models among the collection of Oris Watches. It comes with a wide range of configurations, sizes, and colours that any person can pick what they like.

Sizes are ranging from 36.5mm, 39.5mm to 43.5mm cases. All of the timepieces feature the Oris Cal. 733 movement (based on the SW 200-1), which offers a quickly changing date display and hack-second usefulness.

The complete version of this collection is designed from robust stainless steel. It accompanies various dynamic and eye-catching dial and bezel tones (the standard Aquis Date has almost 40 distinctive aesthetic choices).

You can select among dark, blue, green, white, and earthy-coloured dials. And each one comes with a unidirectional rotating bezel and an option between a brown or grey leather strap, a stainless steel bracelet, or a black, blue, or white rubber band.

Dark dials are accessible on the three sizes, just like the blue dial design. The earthy-coloured dial options of the Oris Aquis Date with a coordinating earthy-coloured bezel are only accessible in both 36.5mm and 43.5mm sizes. In contrast, the green dial choices are limited to 39.5mm and 43.5mm.

Aquis Big Day Date

The Oris Aquis Big Day-Date isn’t just bigger, yet it also includes a day display together with a date on the dial. The automatic Oris Cal. 752 movement (inspired from the SW 220-1) is ticking inside the watch.

It adds an extra day of the week complication to the immediately changing date display and hack-seconds functional standard Aquis Date model. While it is also providing a standard 38hr power save.

All modern variants are built from stainless steel with a dark bezel and blue dial. For instance, the Hammerhead Limited Edition accompanies a gray dial with brilliant blue accents and a dark ceramic bezel.

Aquis GMT Date

The size of this timepiece is 43.5mm, which is similar to the standard Aquis Date. However, what’s ticking inside is considered more complex.

It offers a great feature– an automatic winding Oris Cal. 798 movement (based on the SW 330-1) displays both minutes and hours and two time zones. The first one functions and shows a central GMT-hand on the blue dial, while the other one with the traditional 12-hour hands.

Like other GMT timepieces of Oris, rotating the striking black ceramic bezel of this model permits users or wearers to rapidly reference a different third-time region. Likewise, the movement has a tremendous 42-hour power hold and offers an immediately changing date function and hack-seconds usefulness.

It also features 300 meters of water resistance and two different time zones. With that being said, this watch can take you pretty much to anyplace.

Aquis Small Seconds Date

You may think the Oris Aquis Small Seconds Date is just plainly similar to the different Oris watches upon first look. It seems to make up the standard Aquis Date assortment. The ‘blue’ model has a similar face, striking dial design, and date functions; nonetheless, this watch is pressing somewhat more into its more significant case.

This model measures 45.5mm. The stainless steel timepiece has an expanded water resistance over the standard models with a profundity rating of 500m. It includes the Oris Cal. 733 development (because of the SW 220-1). The only “little” downside about this watch is the little seconds sub-dial that sits at the nine o’clock location. In contrast, the dating show sits in a window at the three o’clock area.

Aquis Chronograph

The Aquis Chronograph is among the most modern of the assortment, providing the wearer three sub-dials showing running seconds, alongside 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph counters. What powers this timepiece is its programmed Oris Cal. 774 movements (in light of the SW 500), which offers every user or wearer a 48-hour power hold.

Plus, it includes a date display that is settled inside the chronograph sub-dial at the six o’clock area. It is created in stainless steel and designed with either a stainless steel wristband, a sporty dark rubber band, or an earthy coloured leather strap (the latter option of which gives the watch a sporty yet delicate vintage edge).

It also comes with a 45.5mm Oris Aquis Chronograph that features a unidirectional rotating timing bezel produced using ceramic. This timepiece provides 300-meter water resistance. Meaning, it doesn’t only look smart but also offers all the functionality you are looking for from a professional dive chronograph.

In a Nutshell

What makes Aquis look so appealing to watch lovers and collectors is that it comes with elegant and unique designs besides its value and reasonable price. There is no distinct area where the Oris Aquis collections do anything better than other watches, but what it offers best is its distinctive look.

This is solely why the timepiece community is continuously rallying and loving this identifiable watch from the Oris brand. As buyers and wearers said, it’s a one-of-a-kind timepiece worth your investment. So if you want to check out any of the listed watch models above, you can visit the Watch Company directly.

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