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When you have a website, it becomes essential to check website traffic to see how it’s working for your business. But how can you check the website traffic statistics?

Website traffic estimator tools on the internet can help you check the website traffic in 2022. You must check out the Company info of these tools before choosing one.

Not all the available tools would give accuracy, but you will get a rough idea about organic keywords and traffic estimation.

However, some tools provide better accuracy than others. Here are few website traffic estimator tools for estimating traffic flow to your website:


For a digital marketer, SEMRush is one of the most important tools for estimating website traffic statistics. Anyone who has used the tool knows its worth and can’t switch to another tool at all. After all, it has all the attributes that a digital marketer requires to run the business successfully.


  • Website traffic statistics are almost close to accuracy
  • Available trial period
  • Allows extensive keyword research
  • Backlink analysis facility
  • Domain name comparison
  • Great tool for analyzing competitor websites
  • Limited free checks are allowed


  • It’s a paid tool


If you are into digital marketing for quite a while, you have heard about SimilarWeb or might have used it too. The functions of both SEMRush and SimilarWeb are almost similar. But when it comes to data, it differs by a small margin as both the tools use different algorithms.


  • The tool lets you export the statistics to PDF form
  • You can use a filter to check estimation from a specific date and country
  • Almost accurate result when it comes to website traffic estimator
  • The ranking system shows a one-glance idea about the traffic
  • It allows you to get statistics about different types of traffic, separately


  • The free version comes with very few features
  • Pricing is not transparent
  • No trial period

Traffic Estimate

Visit here for more information about Website traffic.

If you are not into any fancy website traffic estimator tool, then Traffic Estimate is the right one for you. It’s a simple website with a textbox on the homepage. You have to enter your domain name there to check the traffic statistics. The tool will show the statistics for the last thirty days.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No fancy elements
  • You get the estimator completely free


  • The accuracy rate is less
  • Features that come with the tool are not too good


Check the website:

Digital marketers need no introduction about Ahrefs. It is a wonderful website when you are searching for backlinks. It was the sole purpose for the development of the tool. However, today it has also gained the reputation of being an awesome SEO tool.


  • Allows the analysis of competitor websites. You can monitor crucial website data with AWT (ahrefs webmaster tools).
  • A wonderful backlink checker tool
  • You get almost accurate data from this website traffic estimator tool


  • Not free and a bit pricey
  • Site explorer works slow sometimes


Are you looking for only website traffic estimation? Then you go for Rank2Traffic. It is almost similar to Traffic Estimate when it comes to features.

Also, it is a free website traffic estimator. But it doesn’t show its algorithm like SimilarWeb or SEMRush. You get the statistics as they are working with the Alexa ranking system. A better Alexa ranking means that the website has the potential for more traffic.


  • Stores the history of a website for seven years
  • Straight forward interface
  • Free website traffic estimator


  • No extra features
  • The statistics you get from the estimator tool is way less accurate


You get a handful of detailed analyses about your website with SiteWorthTraffic. The tool is free, and it’s available for use unlimited times.

Just enter the URL of your website in the textbox of the homepage. You will get the result comprised of lots of analytical data within few seconds.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free website traffic estimator tool
  • You receive additional details of daily, monthly, yearly estimations besides SimilarWeb and Alexa data.


  • Not the best-in-class traffic estimation
  • The algorithm of estimated revenue is average


When you are looking for a complete analysis of your website, SitePrice is one of the best tools available on the web. However, it is not in the league of SEMRush and Similar Web.

You get detailed information about Alexa rank, different indexed search engines, metadata, different search engines, top keywords, etc. What’s interesting about SitePrice is it shows every data with 100% precision.


  • You get additional SEO tools
  • It’s an entirely free estimator tool
  • The all-in-one tool offers you detailed data


  • Depends on Alexa
  • Traffic estimation is less accurate


MySiteWealth is a simple yet elegant website traffic estimator tool. Entering the website name in the textbox, you get the estimated traffic of the same.

It takes less than six seconds to present the statistic before you. The report page features the site value, summary involving Alexa rank, regular average visitors, and revenue.


  • Information from different sources is available.
  • It shows the additional details of a website.


  • Analysis accuracy is not up to the mark.


StatChest and MySiteWealth are two almost similar estimator tools. The design of the website is elegant and straightforward.

Also, there are no ads to annoy you while you want your website traffic statistics. The most highlighted part of the report is the website value. The report also shows site summary, estimated page views, page opening speed, revenue, and Moz DA.


  • You can easily sell your website with StatChest
  • The tool shows additional information like DA and Alexa rank etc.


  • Like other free tools, it doesn’t show accurate data.


On the StatShow website, you have to enter your domain name to see all the necessary facts about the upcoming page. This tool shows daily page views with the daily ad revenue of a website.


  • Interestingly, StatShow also displays the graphs from SEMRush and Alexa.
  • The website interface is simple to use.


  • Ad income and traffic estimation are not as per the actual numbers.


So, here you go; these ten website traffic estimator tools are at your service. But you have to decide which tool will be good for checking your website traffic.

However, the free website traffic estimator tools are not so reliable, unlike the paid ones. Though, you can start with the free ones before switching to the more reliable paid tools. Learning about each company’s info will help you make a wise decision.

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