Luxury Watch Brands for Men in 2021

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Watch Brands for Men: Watch Brands have been a symbol of one’s social status since the time they were designed and invented. In late 1750, once you had pulled a timepiece out of your pocket, you were considered wealthy. Quick forward to the present time, and things are different, yet quite similar in some ways.

There is a big difference between the current mass-created timepieces and luxury watches that pay attention to quality, design, and complexity. In the social context, people check the watch you’re wearing to determine things like your social position, level of education, taste, and among all, your affluence.

There are times you’re looking for the right watch to leave a remarkable impression; other times, you only want to fit it. This article listed some top picks regarding brands that fit the bill perfectly in different situations. Check these out!

A Timepiece to Get the Attention of Women:

They say that men mainly purchase luxurious cars to get the attention of women. That isn’t generally true for some, but on a mass level, it is likely precise. Most men prefer to collect fancy things to show off to women that they got something— money, good taste, and an ideal man that every woman wishes to marry.

Men who wear loads of precious stones or gold may seem to be playboys who aren’t severe in women’s eyes. Watches too exemplary in taste may have a sobering impact and tell women that while you might be successful, you could be boring to talk with.

Something too sporty a timepiece like an Italian Panerai Watch will estrange ladies, revealing to them that you are keener on your toys than them. Throughout the entire 15 years or so, the brand has recorded different times of high success in the watch industry.

It helps introduce a permanent shift in the size of men’s watches (to be bigger) and make a cut-like fan base. Panerai timepieces are often similar to each other. However, high-end sports watches are rare and unique for offering dynamic looks while also seeming elegant. It says you are solid yet will not frighten her away like a childish size tire on a 4×4 truck.

A Timepiece to Casually Show Your Wealth:

One perk of having enough money to spend is the ability to dress well. With the signature dress being the status quo, how would you display that you come from the upper class versus the unemployed? The appropriate response is by wearing top-pick steel sports watch–with possibly a few gold features.

When it comes to this, a popular choice is and will always be Rolex. Submariner is the most common watch that you’ll notice wearing by everyone. However, that is never a terrible choice. Consider the somewhat bigger Explorer II model that is recollecting of a historical model and also exceptionally sporty. The cost for the Rolex Explorer II is about $8,100.

A Timepiece to Impress Business Colleagues:

Suppose you are in the type of business meeting where your business colleagues’ can notice your watch. In that case, you should play a delicate balance act of showing that you’ve done well and have great taste.

While simultaneously displaying that you’re not irresponsible in spending your money since that may imply you are flippant with their cash as well. Hence, business-friendly watches should possess a sense of classy and conservative, as well as a sign of success. Most likely, the best brand to wear at your business meeting is Patek Philippe.

Next to Rolex, Patek is the top-of-the-line brand available today. It also accompanies an average price several times compared to Rolex. Their timepieces are likewise known to hold value very well.

Again, these watches are very much respected by watch lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts. To some, they probably won’t look exciting from the start, yet these are AAA ventures with regards to horology.

A Timepiece that You can Love Appreciate, & Afford:

The world’s most high-priced and fancy watches go by different names. A few people might call them “mega watches,” and others might refer to them as “ultra high-quality luxury.” The idea of a super watch does not come with numerous carats of precious stones or made with a unicorn leather strap.

Super watches are more about exceptional degrees of hand-assembly and design, just as astounding mechanical complications. You don’t have to go exceptionally far to search for watches that are more than $100,000, and you don’t have to go a lot further for timepieces after $300,000. With regards to watches priced at more than $500,000 – $1,000,000, then you are beginning to get into a real super watch territory.

Super watches should be exclusive and offer something that nobody else can give. Spending a half-million-dollar of 1,000,000 on a watch, only a keen few can afford can get it (and preferably, others want it).

The brand Greubel Forsey is the best option looking for a timepiece at this high price. The more significant part of their watches cost around $500,000 plus, and it isn’t unknown or a bit surprising for a Greubel Forsey watch to hold a price of $1,000,000 mark.

Aside from being dazzling and highly-complex to watch, the brand offers the world’s best movement designed on its collections. Each piece needs an entire 30-day to produce. Most of that time used in creating this timepiece is to make out of hand-decoration of each part. If you wish to impress the world’s top authorities, a Greubel Forsey will do it for you.

In a Nutshell

Ever since the first release of a luxurious brand of watches in the market, it has been considered a symbol of a wearer’s status in society. If you are looking for prominent, high-class watches to show off who you are, the list above is the best answer. You can check the top three picks at the Watch Company, and they offer a lot of models and collections where you can choose from.

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