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Every UX/UI designer, at some point, has to design logos for companies and products. Some think it is an amazingly creative activity where they feel free and inspired, while others despise it. Whatever your opinion on logos is, when you work with them, it is excellent to look at the works made by other professionals. In this post, you will find 11 different resources you can use for inspiration and guidance.

Websites to Check Out When You Design Logos

Whether working freelance or part of a professional UX/UI design agency, artists often share the results of their work online to get feedback and help the beginners learn from their example. You will find plenty of examples to learn from and share the logos of your design with a wider audience on these websites.


This website has collected many logos, but what makes it even more interesting is the small note devoted to each design. Studying the website, you will not only find extraordinary solutions and beautiful examples, but you will also learn how the author of a logo came up with an idea and create various custom logo designs for business owners as well as beginners.


Hundreds of examples of logos, whether they were successful or not, are here at your disposal. Bad examples can teach you more about UX/UI design than the best ones, so definitely do not discard them immediately. One big advantage of this resource is that there are many options, and the logos can be sorted in different ways.


A wide collection of logos that you can find thanks to this resource will provide you with great ideas, a sense of community and a couple of useful designer contacts, and a link to their Behance profile. This is very convenient when you need to see the logo and find an artist to employ or consult.


Sometimes you need a logo as soon as possible to use it as a mockup or show your colleagues. The service allows you to generate logos very quickly. Yes, you cannot make a unique logo with it, but the site helps a lot when the client does not have a logo yet, and you need to put something in the header of the website. Also, if you have a friend who is not a designer but needs to design a logo but not yet ready to pay, you can address them to Logaster.

Hipster Logo Generator

This logo generator does not require much skill to use. It allows you and your friends to create a simple but quite effective logo in a couple of minutes. Logo generators will help you come up with a framework or create a temporary logo.


Squarespace is a similar service for creating small logos. You enter the name of the company and get into the editor, in which you can add an icon to the logo, and at the same time, see how it all looks on a business card, monitor, and t-shirt.


With this web service, you only need to enter the company name, select a category, and add a slogan (if desired); the generator does the rest for you, instantly creating dozens of options.


A website that collects a selection of free vector logos. The choice is endless, but it takes time to find excellent and inspiring logos. If you are ready to spend it, you will most likely be pleasantly surprised.


An excellent selection of logos from around the world. Interestingly, there are indeed many good options you can use for inspiration. Learn, get inspired, create more.

The Logomix

This service allows you to browse logos of all sorts with the help of advanced sorting tools. You can choose logos for a specific color or theme, industry, and style. When you need to come up with something quickly, Logomix helps a lot.

99 designs

Finally, if you’re running out of time or want to trust the design of a customized logo to someone with experience, you can try 99 designs. You can order a tailored logotype for a company from professional UX/UI designers on this website. On the website, it is possible to address both freelance designers and agencies.

Last but Not Least

You now have at your disposal a large variety of easy-to-use logo generators and websites with extensive collections of inspiring logotypes. Every UX/UI design should browse through other professionals’ works from time to time to develop their taste and learn new, effective tools.

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