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App’s UX: Every single day new apps come and vanish in thin air. Some struggle a bit in the market, some die on arrival, but some come to stay. That’s simply because some applications are not good enough, while other has what it takes to stay in the market.

What Makes an Application Good?

Well, UX (User experience) is the thing that separates a good product from a bad product one.

What is User Experience (UX)?

It’s the overall feel of the product. The experience of the user using a product in terms of how pleasing it is. That product could be a website or a computer/mobile application.

It’s extremely important to have a pleasing UX because If your application doesn’t feel good to use people might choose some other platform that offers the same deal, but with a slightly better experience for users.

When a person would open your application for the first time it’d draw a first impression on the person, but it’d be momentary only. If you drew a fine first impression the next step is to shape it into something permanent, and this would happen as the product would be used throughout a period of time.

All factors from perception to motivation will integrate to sketch a memorable experience that the user might urge to experience again.

Designer’s Considerations:

Why: Why a person would use the product?

What: What would h/she be able to do with your product?

How: How to use your product? How does it feel to use your product?

Starting from the Why, a designer comes all the way to How. ‘Why’ would set all the motivations for using the product, ‘What’ would make the designer consider the functionality that product provides, and finally ‘How’ would be for making the user experience smooth and pleasurable.

The user’s interaction with your application is very important as he’d not be spending much of his time on your application having a hard time with basic interactions. People love the easy life.


Interaction design: A smooth interaction design helps the users to immediately know how to interact with your application.

Design of the information: It’s very important to give them the information you aim to give in a manner, you think, is most suitable for easy accessibility in accordance with your platform.

Brand: If your brand name is well recognized, your application isn’t going to have a hard time as the name of the brand would already be known.

Simplicity: People love the easy life. Though there might be some exceptions here, you’re aiming at the majority.

Don’t confuse them: In applications with a complex structure, your user might get lost. He’d find himself deep inside the application having no idea how he got there and next thing would be uninstalling the application.

To the point: Understand the purpose of your application and stick to that. Keeping things brief is the best thing you can do in order to make things easy for the user.

Advertise your application: Nowadays, things don’t move an inch in the market without advertising.

Permissions: Make sure you ask for the permissions at the right time, else you might just scare the user and he’d not move further with the application.

Motivate them: There are numerous applications that fall into the same category. Motivate users to choose your application instead of your competitor’s. Stand out using various marketing techniques. Know your potential users and provide them value for there time. Give them reasons why they should come to your UI design company.

Help: Providing tips: To do what in what situations.


  • Credibility
  • Findability
  • Usefulness
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Desirability

On the scale of one to ten score your app on the basis of the above-mentioned keys and you’ll know what exactly you need to fix.


Strategy – Keep your focuses unshakably on the guiding principle. Take a moment to think about the benefits of using your application. How does it feel? Good? That’s great!

Research – Competitors are in every field and making an application with a great UX is no different. So, competitor analysis is a must-do. User surveys and interviews are also helpful tools for research.

Analysis – What would research do if you leave the thing part?


So, on the basis of the above-mentioned information, you sweated off collecting, run an analysis and you are good to go!

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