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Either we use desktop or a laptop by the time we realize that memory of the device is getting filled to cope up with this we often buy new memory or sometimes compromise with some videos or devices which are already on the device. Sometimes temporary files which are always useful does not only make your device full, but they are also responsible for making your system run slow. Luckily on Mac or MacBook you can use optimized storage option to optimize storage for both your internal and cloud storage. Let us find out how to access optimized storage feature and how you can use it.

Access Optimized Storage

Here is how you can access storage optimizer tools.

  1. Click on the apple icon given at the top left corner then chose “About this Mac”
  2. Next click on storage tab and then click on details.
  3. This will open four storage optimizing tools on the right side of the window. Which includes Optimize storage option, empty trash automatic, reduce clutter and store in cloud.

Once you have got these options you can optimize your Mac using them here is the functionality of each of them.

Optimize Storage:

Optimizing storage mainly refer to clear iTunes watched videos and old email attachments all this stuff unnecessarily takes space on your mac. if you need anything you can re download it from the store or from the email attachment.

Store in iCloud:

When the device storage is full we often rely on the cloud storage for Mac but after a certain time interval it is must to optimize cloud storage as well store in cloud option do this for you using this option you can access your files stored on iCloud and then you can decide to clear them out.

Reduce Clutter:

Reduce clutter is a smart way to look through your docs or files having larger size on the disk. When you urgently require disk space then clearing a file having larger size can help a lot to immediately recover disk space. You can also choose to see oldest files first. Which is also an effective way to get rid of the files which are not useful for you anymore.

Empty trash Automatically

With this option you can schedule to empty trash automatically after a certain period of time. There is nothing much to describe about this option as it exactly does what its name says about it.

At any point of time if you find that you should disable optimize storage on your mac because you want to keep your downloaded shows and movies and you are missing out some files which are important for you then it is also very simple to do this

  1. Click on the apple icon given at the top left and then go to system preferences.
  2. Click on iCloud and then click on Options next to iCloud Drive.
  3. Uncheck the Optimize Mac storage check box and then click on Done to finish.
  4. That’s it your Mac will not be optimized automatically.

This is how you can use Optimized storage feature on Mac. This inbuilt feature is very helpful in making your Mac spacious and tune it up to give you the best performance.

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