Growing Your E-commerce Start Up

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Regardless of what niche you specialize in, setting up an e-commerce store (a successful one) will require extensive planning and thorough diagnosis of the situation to ensure smart work in the end. If you conduct a research or take into account that customers have millions of online stores to choose for online shopping sprees, you will be able to understand why you need to grow a long-term and short-term strategy. It is important that you figure out what you wish to sell, and then choose the right wholesale order management platform (you will find solutions in this post).

Right from the first step to figuring out what you, need to sell exactly; to choosing the best suitable platform, you need to consider every detail. As you go through this post, it should serve as a definitive guide to how you can grow your e-commerce store or website.

Understand What E-commerce is first and create a Brand Name

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is a term referring to any type of business or commercial transaction that proceeds online. Hence, when you purchase or sell any product or services on the internet, it means you are a part of the e-commerce world. To ensure that you make a reputable presence as an e-commerce store online, you need to create your brand. Take for example, is an e-commerce store selling only Indian made products. Hence the brand IndianWear is a great brand name as it says a lot about it’s online presence.

So, who are you? What does your store represent? Who are your ideal customers? You need to focus on this essential element and start from scratch. You need to know that your brand is an extension of the business you wish to grow, and it reflects you and the image of your company. Hence, it is important that you pay attention to your brand name, and the message it should convey across to your target audience.

Decide the Products You Wish To Sell

Once you decide your brand name and figure out who will buy, and what you should sell, the next step is to choose your products. You can find several products businesses sell online, but you do not need to worry because you can simplify this decision with your business goals. A tip here for you is to consider cross-selling.

In cross-selling, you can suggest different products to a customer. You need to make sure that the products you wish to offer increases your value and gives you a good reputation. Consider this as an example; you plan to sell computers to your customers. However, you can offer them complementary products such as cases, protectors, speakers, bags and more. It means you can help them get more out of their computer, which would lead to profitable sales for you.

Use Smart Tools and Software for your Growing Business

Once you decide on the products and the brand name, you should create a website for your e-commerce business. Definitely, an e-commerce venture is nothing without one with a good and friendly interface. When your website is ready, you should integrate it with smart tools and options. To ensure your e-commerce business runs smoothly, here are the top three tools and software you can consider.

#1.Order Circle

Regardless of the size of your startup, just as long it is an e-commerce business, it can become a challenge to manage the bulk, wholesale orders that come into the business, and keeping track on the inventory of the bulk orders from different merchants. However, with wholesale selling tools like Order Circle, you can give your customers the right e-commerce experience and ensure they get everything they expect from you as an online wholesaler. You will be able to add products quickly, customize price lists, invite customers, and then place orders online in the best manner.


Email marketing is a rising trend these days. This great technique as it helps to cut down several days of efforts and make a noticeable impact on a business. Email marketing generates several thousands of leads for startups. It stands out as the best tool that allows startups to design attractive newsletters, and manage email subscribers easily. When using this, users also have the power to monitor all their sales effectiveness and they can check email marketing.


A management tool you can rely on to communicate with your staff and get more work done is Asana. It collaborates well and the conversations help via emails, rather than worrying about using other in-app communication systems, and improving the productivity of employees. It works well as a CRM and a defect tracking app that allows much more than management for tasks. To get more work done, small businesses should consider using this tool.

Although there are many other tools and tips out there, these are just some to mention. If you want your e-commerce store to grow online, you need to invest in smart tools and software.

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