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The Rolex Air-King is a breakthrough that surprises all the watch enthusiasts out there. Another timepiece that will help us guide our everyday lives. But who’s been into this kind of watch? Air-King has been an on-trend since then. Well, let’s go back in time and understand more about the latest Air-King Rolex by knowing how this differs from the rest.

Brief History Of The Company

It has been over 60 years since the first Air King Rolex made a name. It was the time when the aviation industry booms and has been a breakthrough for Rolex. This had stood since the British Royal Airforce and created the watch to help pilots fight with rigors during those times.

A pioneer of the said era, Charles Douglas Bernard, said that the Rolex’s quality was superb. It’s indeed the one that he might use for the longest flight he will have in the future. How did he, the English Aviator, say that?.

Going back in 1933, it challenged the capability of the watch. Flying over Mount Everest, which exceeds 33,000 feet, is tricky. Yet Houston Expedition made it possible, though under extreme weather. They even used the watch as a chronometer as they traveled back to Australia. Well, the first Air-King Watch has proved that it can withstand extreme situations.

A Watch Inspired by Aviators

This watch has gained attention since the 1930s. This had been on the trend, most especially by the golden era of pilots. This made it possible, as the longer distance on flights had been executed. Many had hooked, which serves as proof of its legitimacy.

World chaos hinders them from putting still the efforts to make the watch useful to the aeronautical era. Give them credit and help them work efficiently and effectively on or up in the sky. Inspecting this watch has made a great impact on that time.

What’s With The New Air-King Of The Generation?

The Rolex company had developed a watch that tributes our fearsome pilots flying up in the sky without worrying about time. It gives a classy look without overdoing its capability and purpose.
Looking back, Let’s check the technical details of the Rolex Air-King.


Understanding the specifications of a product is a must to find the best one. It will guide you to check the product.

1. Case:

A famous Oyster Case is on set to give this watch a great capability. They crafted the model case with a monobloc case in the middle, a screw-down case back, and a winding crown. Explaining each of the parts, here’s the more specific explanation to it.

The Oyster Case ranges up to 40 millimeters. It protects the watch against undesired conditions. Even in humidity, perspiration, or water, it can withstand them. It also has a winding crown that screws down and a twin lock double waterproofness system. It reaches up to 100 meters or 330 feet. Aside from that, the model case has a crystal tool that pondered the watch. It is to protect it against scratches.

Also, Oyster steel is part of the 904L steel family. This material could withstand any corrosion and any unwanted environment—a material resistant used in high technologies that offer indestructible beauty to the material even undergone rough times.

2. Movement

It has a 3131 movement that supports outstanding performance and precision of -2 or +2 upon framing per day. Its functions have a center hour, minute, and a second hand and stop-seconds for fine time setting. With this, it will look more elegant while giving you its full function.

Aside from that, its oscillator has a magnet chromatic para chrome spiral spring and a winding with a two-way automatic permanent rotor.

It is recognized by Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) tests that designates them as a high-precision watch, which makes them renowned as Swiss Chronometer.

For its power reserve, it could reach roughly 48 hours.

3. Bracelet

On its bracelet material, it also comes to be stronger. It is an Oyster one, likewise with the case and with a flat three-piece link. Its clasp can fold easily as its 5-millimeter extension link comforts the user.

They design the Oyster Bracelet to give comfort to users. Its oyster lock clasps fold perfectly, which prevents it from opening unwantedly. This system also provides an additional extension of 5 millimeters to its length for those whose hand size doesn’t fit enough to the watch’s opening.

4. Dial

The Dial is colored black with a high decipherable chroma light display with an unending luminescence. It also comprises numbers 3, 6, and 9 marking the watch’s hours. Making it more eye-catchy and elegantly look on the user’s wrists.

This gives the watch an elegant look while letting the classy touch of it. It gives the users a one-of-a-kind feeling, as the materials used are in great condition.

5. Cost and Accessibility

The cost of the Air-King Rolex runs up to USD 6,200. You can buy it on all Rolex sores or even with those who pre-sell the watch they bought, as the value will most likely not increase, thus decreasing more. Recent versions of the watch will not affect the price of it at all. Aside from that, not that hard to find, unlike the other watches on the market.

Why Choose The Air-King?

Thinking about buying such a watch is most likely keeping the story behind the creation of it. Be inspired by how and why it’s made, as its story will be part of yours too. Keep in mind that buying this watch is not buying the history behind it. Thus, giving all the salute and be part of the tribute for the expert pilots.

Aside from that, wearing such a tool will bring you elegance. It suits all those who wear it and makes you stand out of all the gents and it will give you confidence where you think that your watch is not an ordinary watch.

It is a tool wrapped in history. You are the present witness of the past. Your key to being on the spot is right within your wrist.

In A Nutshell

As time unfolds rapidly, the watch Air-King has sheared enormous memories to all pilots. The help it gave supported them throughout. Withstand every situation to serve its purpose with the user and give them the benefit they deserve.

This watch’s uniqueness will never fade, and today it will make a noble name in the market. A watch made solely to pay for a tribute for the real reason behind the making. Proving that it will never go to waste and prove that it is made of a purpose and not just for selling and earning.

It gave this latest Air-King Rolex Watch as the commendation is such an honor and privilege for pilots and all of us. It will continue to be a legend that once this watch was proven to be part of the pilot’s lives years ago and continued until today.

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