As an important part of ranking algorithm, backlinks have always been an essential signal for all major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Using links to know or to determine the trust as well as authority was one of the biggest things that helped them to overtake the competing search engines. After the Penguin update in the year 2012, the majority of people started thinking that link building is ending as a part of SEO technique. Some important reasons for this are as follows:

  • Devaluing the link spam made profiting from link building more intricate.
  • Penalize the websites for taking part in link schemes made the link building process very, very risky if you got it improperly.
  • There is some misconception surrounded that links that are not proper as per the website, Penguin scared most of the people, it could give them a penalty, thus people away from the link building completely.
  • Search Engine Optimizing jumps on the content marketing wagon.

These are some of the important factors combined together and pushed people away from building link and motivated towards building links through ? Content Marketing like submitting a blog post, post article, PDF posting, Press Release submission and so forth for building quality backlinks for.

The majority of content does not really receive much attention…

The idea of publishing or distributing quality content with the link generally baits and naturally attracts visitors. But here is one problem? Which is not really the case there is almost no such correlation between shares the posts or contents and links, only you generate the links with the content for your website or blog. If your content ranks then only your visitors will see your links, though it is up to them whether they clink on the links and come to your website. In fact, the greater number of content does not really receive that much attention by search engines or visitors.

What strategy do you need to follow?

So what does it really mean? Creating good quality content is important to building backlinks, but it is not that much enough. Links do not happen in their own way. Generally, the blog or website owner build links with other websites or blogs, or their visitors often share links to others or post on other blogs or website for reference. They require strategic as well as manual promotion to the right audience. Whatever the update is or rumor spread regarding link building, it is still Google? an integral part of ranking algorithm. So, failure building link will limit your Search Engine Optimization and therefore your reach for sure.

Whether you are not sure or doubting the essentials of link building tactics in 2017 for SEO, you have a proof incorporated Penguin update latest for rankings.

Let us discuss how to build links – Strategies that you can follow for better SEO

Here we have discussed four important points that help you build the SEO backlinks easily and with the help of these links your website traffic will grow vis-vis ranking.

Create Some Quality Content

There is a concept CONTENT IS KING somehow the concept is true, without the content how worth your website is and how you promote your website? Not possible right. There is one of the essential parts of link build, and that is content and it is worth sharing. Today? the online market is all about content marketing. So, fix up a strategy, how much contents and how many words content you would like to share online. 2-3 or more content of 500-600 words each every week. The more quality content you share the better you target the keywords and links at the same time.

Build Your List & Spreadsheet

It is a relatively easy to step, but it can help you break your link building strategy. If you are an SEO analyst then you must know that a successful SEO campaign needs sticking with all new strategies and tracking your progress at the same time. So, put together a list of websites to reach out in order to build powerful links, whether you have not done some competitors link analysis yet, so do now.

Manual Outreach

As we have already discussed that the entire process of link building in SEO is nothing but a process of manual outreach. You can automate it, whether you want to. For best outcomes, write emails yourself, but that does not really mean you cannot use a common outline for a format. The things below are mentioned would be beneficial for your link building process:

  • Hyperlink the anchor text.
  • A unique subject line is required.
  • Add your personal contact in the contact information.

Link Reclamation

Though, you know SEO and probably you come to know that link reclamation is a bit different thing from link building, but still you need manual link building. It is nothing but a process of finding as well as mixing the broken links pointing to your website.

Since the starting, link building has gone hand in hand with all types of SEO techniques but you cannot do one without the others. So, manual link building is still one of the most important things and apart from the other process you should follow that rules as best SEO link building strategy in 2017.

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