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Among various wonderful options available to make good money online, affiliate marketing is now taking the leading position, attracting a huge number of online marketers towards affiliate marketing. Today, there are thousands of affiliate networks functioning across the world and most of them claim to be reliable and reputable. However, to make a good value for money, identifying and selecting the trusted network is imperative.

Although making money online sounds to be easy, it is not as we think, as it involves many elements to be taken into consideration. There is no doubt that affiliate programs are trustworthy and can help to make good passive income. If anyone is capable of earning $50-$100 daily, then affiliate marketing is for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To describe in shortly, affiliate marketing is the practice of marketing, in which the business will reward one or more affiliate for every customer or visitor brought through the affiliate marketing approaches.

The publisher will be rewarded for promoting the product and service of a business in terms of commission when the customer/visitor purchases any product or service on the website.

Affiliate Marketing – The Best Marketing Technique to Make Money Online:

Here follows the reason how and why:

  • Affiliate marketing is the fastest-growing internet marketing technique.
  • It is absolutely cost-effective.
  • There are no employees or physical locations needed.
  • It creates a wonderful and open opportunity to reach people beyond geographical limitations globally.
  • No fee to join the affiliate program.
  • No shipping or storage.
  • No need for the customer support team.
  • An effective passive income opportunity to work from home.

Featured Affiliate Network Services for Merchants:

  • This service includes tracking, reporting, payment/refund processing.
  • It includes access to a large network of marketers.
  • The network services include simple registration for affiliate programs, easy payment processing, analytics, reporting tools.
  • It includes a central database of affiliate programs available by popularity and category to choose from.
  • Although the marketers can join the affiliate network free of cost, the merchants still have a fee to pay to join the network.
  • Affiliate network uses Cost-per-sale and Cost-per-action payout models.

Top 10 Affiliate Networks:

1. ShareASale:

This is a highly reputable and largest affiliate program available online with over 4,000 registered merchants in the network. This program offers all the required statistics to know what is going on with every affiliate ads given. It further gives you details of earning per click, reversal rates, average sales, average commission, and others. Moreover, this program is very prompt in making the payment on every 20th of the month.

2. Amazon:

Undoubtedly, the most popular and trusted site for online shopping is Amazon. The wide range of products from top brands of the world makes Amazon be a popular affiliate program. Something that is attractive about Amazon is the pricier items, which has the potential to earn a good commission to the merchants. Besides all, the commission is paid within 24 hours the sale is made.

3. eBay Partner Network:

This is another popular and favorite site for shoppers and for online marketers. The commissions offered by eBay through its partner network is really attractive and worth the effort. There are millions of products on eBay, which can be promoted easily, as they come with attractive discounts and offers. In addition to it, the PayPal payment is quick and easier on eBay.

4. CJ by Conversant:

With over 3,000 merchant partners, another popular affiliate marketing program is CJ. This network can help find the right ads with many great features, which really distinguish from other competitive networks. CJ comprises many large and popular advertisers, however, the payment is done only once in a month via direct or check deposit.

5. Clickbank:        

For those marketers who are focusing on digital products, then Clickbank can be the right choice. This is a highly secured platform, which can also be easily signed up. There are over 12,000 vendors in this network and plenty of products to promote. The commission will be about 75% high, with prompt payment.

6. Linkshare – Rakuten Affiliate Network:

This affiliate network certainly ensures good performance of publishers’ affiliates. It provides free training and offers a wonderful opportunity to monetize the website. Linkshare further rotates through a specific banner ad of the product, which makes it easier for website optimization.

7. Peerfly:

Peerfly has about 2,000 affiliates. It offers commission including CPL, CPA, and CPS. This is one of the high paying CPA networks, which is absolutely reliable to make high-value money, from just a single sale. The customized software Peerfly is reliable to handle hosting.

8. Link connector:

This network features a wide range of trusted brands, particularly from the technology industry. It offers various tracking and validation tools to make setup and customization easier.

9. FlexOffers:

This is the smaller, but effective affiliate network. This network is best for small websites and blogs. It enables integrating ads with the site and communicates directly with the advertisers.

10. Neverblue:

Neverblue is a highly reputable affiliate network, which cares about quality. It features a simple sign up system and personalized tracking system. It has very good customer service.

Final Notes:

Besides the above-said affiliate networks, there are also many programs available in the web world. However, identifying the right once according to the individual marketer’s preference and the objective is imperative to become successful and make a good passive income.

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