Yoast SEO Plugin

The trend is changing in everything we come across. This is not an exception in the digital world and especially with web development and designing. The new arrival of Yoast SEO 3.8 has brought revolutionary changes in the way how websites are designed. This latest release has now come with many enhancements by fixing many challenging bugs. Moreover, the plugin has also received several updates, especially in Video SEO.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO, which is formerly known as WordPress SEO is now available for the WordPress users. This WordPress plugin incorporates everything that is essential for the real-time page analysis functionality, which can firmly help in optimising the web page content. It also helps to optimise meta descriptions, image titles, XML sitemaps, and much more.

Key Features of Yoast SEO

Here are a few remarkable features of Yoast SEO:

  •  It mainly focuses on keywords and content analysis.
  • It helps to post titles and meta descriptions to optimise the post and page title.
  • It helps in robots meta configuration, which means this is helpful if you don’t want Google to index the page or set of pages. It further helps to tell Google not to follow links on your webpage.
  • It supports in readability check, in addition to checking the SEO friendliness of the post. Yoast SEI can analyse the readability of the copy, it can check the length of the sentences, paragraphs and if any transition works and subheadings are used.
  • Yoast SEO plugins can help fix canonical on the pages.
  • Yoast Breadcrumbs code powers many themes. This code will also give granular control over breadcrumb.
  • It is possible to select a primary category for the category using Yoast SEO, which you find it to be important and need to be established in the breadcrumb.
  •  The Yoast SEO plugins are potential enough to use MSS Footer, which helps to link back to your blog or to the specific blog post.

Languages Yoast SEO Plugin is available in:

This plugin can be accessed in about 27 languages including English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Moreover, you can also partially translate 12 languages, which includes, Finnish, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Spanish, Bulgarian and Bengali.

Develop Better Content using Yoast SEO.

Besides the above said best features and benefits of the Yoast SEO, it can also help in developing better content for SEO. The snippet preview can help to see the rendering of what the post or the page will look like in the search results. No matter if your meta description is too long or too short, it can still make sense, when it comes to the search result. In this aspect, the Yoast plugins can further help to increase the rankings and clicks through the organic search results.

Highlighting Benefits of Yoast SEO

Here are few more highlighting benefits of Yoast SEO:

  • It helps to check even simple things in the Page analysis functionality, which you may forget.
  • It reminds you to enable permalinks.
  • It can automatically create XML sitemaps functionality, even for large sites.
  • It helps edit .htaccess and robots.txt files.
  • It supports multi-site compatibility.
  • Using Yoast plugins you can import and export functionality.

There is no doubt that you will get even more features and best supports using the Yoast SEO plugin, the latest version 3.8 that brings amazing changes and benefits to the users.

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