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Grow Twitter Audience: Twitter is one of the most popular and prominent social media platforms. It has a huge customer base and provides you with a great opportunity to collect an audience for your content. But with such opportunities and user base, there is always high competition to attain the same goals.

No one can deny that Twitter plays a major role in boosting the reach of content or business. Their marketers often use Twitter as part of their marketing strategy and embed Twitter feed on their website to create a good impression on their potential customers.

Twitter provides a great platform to the business to promote their products and brand. It is a hub for many businesses, eyeing to capture more customers. Hence, you must stand out from the crowd and get an edge over your competitors. Here are seven effective tips that will help to grow Twitter audience and enchase your brand awareness.

Top 7 Amazing Tips for Growing Twitter Audience:

Tweet frequently

Any social media platform will always support the content or Twitter handle that stays active on the platform. You can achieve more audience by tweeting more frequently and staying active on the platform. Twitter will boost the reach of your account if you stay active on the platform.

You can also embed a Twitter feed on your website and display the entire tweet from your handle to your visitors. It will provide a little sneak into Twitter chatter, and your visitor will also know about your Twitter presence.

Use Twitter promotional services

You can use Twitter promotional service that promotes your Twitter handle in many different ways and helps you to gather more audience. You have to pay nominal charges, and Twitter will advertise your content and Twitter account to thousands of people. The service increases your reach and helps you to attain brand awareness. Many brands adopt this strategy to gather more audience for their Twitter account.

Tweet at the right time

Twitter is a huge platform where millions of people tweet every day; hence, sometimes your target audience might miss out on your tweet and receive less attention and engagement. Twitter algorithm curbs the reach of the tweets that receive less engagement. Therefore, you should plan your tweets accordingly and deliver them at the right time. As more you will receive more engagement on your tweet, Twitter will boost the reach of your tweet and hence you will get more audience.


Currently, there is no better social media marketing strategy than using hashtags. It is applicable on all social media platforms and especially on Twitter. Hashtags put your tweets under one unified umbrella where people searching for that particular category get to see your tweet. People often use multiple hashtags on their tweets, which is a wrong practice, as it can mislead your content, and often people find it irritating.

Reach out to Influencers

Influencers are famous people on social media networks. They have huge followings on various platforms, and hence they can help you to enhance your brand awareness. You can get in touch with influencers and ask them to promote your business. You can also collaborate with them, make them the face of your brand, or organize live sessions with them. Influencers can bring a large audience with them; hence, influencer marketing can provide you with a great stage to promote your business and attain more customers.

Show creativity with your Tweets

Audiences always like tweets that entertain them. So always try to be a little creative or humorous and entertaining with your tweets. People often share tweets with humor and even promotes them on all other social media platforms. But keep in mind that you also be a little informative with the tweet. Find ways to post a tweet with synergy between information and entertainment. You can also use current event, post tweets addressing current event as all these measures helps to attain more audience.


As mentioned above, you must remain active on the platform, so if you don’t have any tweets to post, you always use the retweet feature. You can retweet your old tweet, or retweet your followers’ tweets or retweet any other accounts’ tweet. All these measures help you to keep your audience engaged and also boost your reach. Another benefit of retweeting your old tweets is that your new followers will also get to read them.


Gaining more audience on Twitter hugely benefits your business. You should use a creative approach and make full use of the platform to gather more customers for your business. You can even embed Twitter feeds on your website and impress your visitors. There so many ways Twitter can help your business grow, so use these tips and grow Twitter audience.

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