Sports Injury

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Sports Injury: When you sit too long, you want to stand and walk for some time. It is in human nature that you could not stay in one position for a long time. The best physiotherapist in Islamabad shared in his conferences that when people get injured, their question is not about how to recover, but they want to know how fast the recovery would be or walk again.

Indeed, sports injury are painful and can put you on bed rest. Everything needs time to heal, whether it is an injury or a heartbreak. But early medical help and basic health care can prevent severe loss or prevent the cause of any bacterial infection.

Tips to save yourself from sports injury:

  • Never play hard or without techniques
  • When you feel pain, avoid sports or exercise
  • Follow the fitness plan that helps you maintain your fitness and promote flexibility.
  • You need to cool down after the sports
  • Follow different muscle strengthen techniques

After the injury, you may feel severe pain or experience swelling or bruising. Sometimes, you may not touch the area of the injury or feel more pain.

What Should You Do To Recover Fast From Sports Injury?


No matter what you are doing or playing, it would help if you stopped moving after the injury. A single wrong move can worsen your injury or make it long to recover. You need to take some rest for at least two days after injury. Physiotherapists recommend people not lift heavy weights after an injury.


Physiotherapists suggest the ice for the first few days as it has many benefits. You need to get a crushed ice bag and apply it to your injury. The use of an ice bag decreases the blood flow and prevents swelling. This technique is also helpful in relieving the pain. You need to wrap the ice in a thin cloth before applying it to your injury to avoid frostbite.


Wrapping your injury with a medical bandage can protect you from swelling. Make sure that you do not wrap the affected area tightly because it can block the blood flow. It would be best if you rechecked your injury area. If compression leaves any bruising marks or makes you feel tingly, lose the bandage.


You should raise your affected area above the level of the heart. It leads to reducing the pain and preventing swelling. You can use a cushion or a pillow to raise your body. You can follow this technique as much as you can.

The Next Step Is To Let It Heal

When a person lifts the weight after injury, it worsens the affected area and may result in late recovery. You should take a rest until you feel less pain while moving. If you feel continuous pain, visit a physiotherapist to make sure that everything is going well or not.

Go through a Clinical Examination

When you see that there is no proper healing, visit your doctor for a complete checkup. To avoid complications, your doctor will take x-rays or scans to diagnose your injury. It helps to plan on building the right strategy for a fast recovery.

What Foods Are Best For Rapid Recovery?

  • Injury may result in muscle mass loss, but the right amount of proteins can help you deal with this loss. You should add chicken, fish to your protein diet plan.
  • Fruits and vegetables are also the best sources to avoid inflammation. Vitamin c helps to boost bone health, muscles, and tendons.
  • Fiber-rich food also recovers without gaining weight due to physical inactivity.
  • Broccoli and almonds are rich in calcium that improves the health of the bones.
  • Zinc-rich foods like meat, shellfish, and whole grains help your wound heal properly.
  • Injuries often result in inflammation, but you can control it with omega-3 fatty acids.


When I visited the shaheen clinic, there was a person who gained weight during the recovery. A physiotherapist helps to move your affected areas with care and also helps to maintain a healthy weight during your wound healing process.

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