Best Practices for Killer Twitter Posts

Catherine vanVonno, the author, is the President and Executive Director of 20Four7VA, a global Virtual Assistant (VA) Service Provider. She holds a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics, Research Design and Program Evaluation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has over 10 years experience in facilitating evidence-based strategic planning, product development, brand management, legislative communications, and medical policy. She is married and has four children. You can reach her at

Today, it has become almost common knowledge that Twitter is a gold mine for promoting a business. Some marketers have practically made a career out of bringing in revenues through Twitter’s massive user base which, as of the 4th quarter of 2016, is already at 319 million.

If you have been coasting through the constantly changing rules on what it takes to turn Retweets, Followers, Hashtags, and Likes into revenues, then you probably know the basics of the game.

But if you want your business to be a cut above the rest, you must go beyond the basics. Nothing outstanding comes from copying what everyone else is doing.These 10 Best Practices for Killer Twitter Posts ensure that your business is anything but basic:

1. Post a Video:

Twitter is famous and unique for its 140-character limit. No wonder companies cram in as many keywords as possible to make people click through the links on their Tweets.Not many people take advantage of the 30-second video that users can publish.

A survey from the social network itself reveals that videos pull in 2.8 times more Retweets, 2.5 times increase in Replies, and 1.9 times more Likes. Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

2. Tag Your Photos:

Another strategy to go around the character limit is to tag people in the photos you publish. Tagging does not affect the limit at all, but it will drive in more exposure for each tagged post.

A tagged photo could be a simple shout out to a consumer who posted a picture of your product or a photo of the winner from a contest you conducted which does not necessarily have to be on Twitter.

3. Optimize Twitter Lists:

The 319 million active users of Twitter make it an ultra-dynamic network where it’s easy to lose a stream of important posts relevant to your business.This is why creating and following a Twitter list should be on top of your priority.

You can create a list according to the most vocal followers of your account, social media influences you follow, or any important personalities or brands that you monitor. Not only is this an effective way to make sure you are always in the loop, it also serves as a time-saver and organizer.

4. Stir Up Emotions:

There’s a reason why dubious advertisers use intriguing headlines to reel in viewers and click their links: people love stories.Luckily for you, you don’t have to resort to clickbait which will only cast a bad light on your business. Instead, post topics relevant to your brand that will trigger positive, curiosity, and surprise and link them to your blog.

5. Utilize Visual Strategy:

Compared to plain text, images are processed 60 thousand times faster by the brain. Capitalize on this by posting visually captivating images of your products, business, or the experiences customers have in relation to your service.

6. Create Polls:

Another way to rouse engagement from followers is asking them to participate in a poll. It is easier for people to respond when they are presented by different options.Polls are also a good avenue to assess the effect of your products through raw customer evaluation. Not only will you be able to pull engagement out of your followers, you can also gather invaluable data about your services.

7. Inject a Sense of Urgency:

Is your store having a clearance sale? Are you looking for participants for an event? It’s not enough to just let the people know your agenda. Make them see what they will miss out if they don’t participate.

Injecting a sense of urgency in your Tweet makes the readers not want to miss it. Posts such as Grab your copy before midnight! sounds more compelling than For Sale or Buy Now.

8. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

While stirring up curiosity is good to keep your viewers interested, beating around the bush will leave them confused. Be careful not to cross the line between being intriguing and being misunderstood.If you want your followers to download a product, ask them point blank. If you want customers to come by your store for a treat, make sure that they know the mechanics clearly.

9. Practice Persistence:

Online marketing tactics change every now and then, but this shouldn’t be a reason for you to steer away from your branding or existing campaigns.When conducting time-restricted promos, make sure that you post updates. It’s a definite no-no to post a campaign and just leave it hanging without recognizing the responses of viewers.

10. Let Your Customer Service Shine:

Twitter is a social media platform which makes it a familiar terrain for customers. If you’re aiming to build a connection with them, you can’t afford to sound brisk and distant.When people Tweet your business to ask a question, make sure that your response is prompt and straightforward. However, don’t just reply with a generic spiel. If possible, make sure you mention their name and answer in a friendly tone. Exemplary customer service never goes out of style.

At first glance, these practices might appear to be too much work. If you are having doubts about your work schedule or skills to target these goals, hire a virtual assistant. Outsourcing is a sign your business is expanding to take possession of greater heights. With these 10 best practices for killer Twitter posts, that’s exactly where you are headed.Are you ready for your business to trend today?

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