Top 5+ Most Popular Torrent Sites

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Torrent, a word that all of us have come across at least once in our lives. We may or may not know the technical meaning of the word but all of us have heard it for sure. A torrent refers to a computer file that contains metadata which holds information. A torrent file generally has the extension .torrent but it does not contain the contents to be shared. It acts as a key to initiate the download of the actual content worth sharing. Hence, to receive a shared file a user must first obtain the required torrent file by downloading it or using a magnet link.

There are multiple websites available for downloading files. These torrent sites may include those which contain files that don’t belong to the public domain as well as sites which have only genuine and verified files and magnet links. So, go ahead and pick your choice, according to your requirements.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent sites if seen from an overall perspective. It is about 15 years old and manages huge traffic of users who wish to get access to an online library of digital files including entertainment media, Movie and other software. An advantage of Pirate Bay is the ability to begin from where you left if you are downloading a file and the internet connectivity snaps or your computers gets disconnected. Also, there are multiple ways to access The Pirate Bay. It consists of various categories from audio to video, applications, games, etc.


1337x has been a reliable website for torrents for multiple years. It continues to thrive because of a dedicated group of seeders that provide good content to be downloaded. Hence despite certain countries blocking the website, it continues to flourish. It provides a list of torrent files as well as links and is one of the best alternatives to The Pirate Bay. Most of the torrent files shared on the site are movies. Active since the year 2007, the website uses peer to peer network to share TV series, Music, Movies, etc. among its users at an average DL speed of 686.3KB/s. They are especially effective if you are looking for old and obscure torrents.


This is the torrent site to visit if you want to make sure that you don’t fall into any copyright infringement case by downloading torrents illegally. It has the largest database of verified torrents which can be downloaded by leechers. Moreover, it encourages that its community be free from fake torrents and hence pays its users a dollar, each time they find and report any fake torrent doing the rounds on the website community. Many currents, as well as famous movie files and anime, are available to download Software and games can be shared and music can be downloaded as well. It has a list of Top 100 for each category to let you know about the most popular content.

YTS.AM/YTS.AG or is very popular in today’s time and its popularity can be attributed to the extremely user-friendly layout of the website. The site displays a series of titles, available in both old and new versions. It rebrands the third-party release of well-known movies. They are easy to use, use less bandwidth. It is a successor tough unofficially, of the YTS or YIFY group which shut down in the year 2015. The torrent files from have very good quality and are smaller in size than their counterparts. It has a loyal and huge user base which uploads and downloads files and videos and keep this site running. It owns over 7200 torrents in its database.


TorrentDownloads has been in the torrent market for many years. It was established in the year 2007. It provides torrent files to a million users. They possess torrents of high quality and own a huge database with a sea of content to download from. There are a variety of categories to choose from and this website also allows users to leave a comment on the files and give ratings, which in turn allows the other users to have a better idea about what to expect from a file. It includes an advanced search in which users can add details of the file they require by narrowing down results in terms of category, status, provider, etc. It possesses around 16 million torrent files.


The torrent community promotes a give and take behavior and way of life wherein each user is expected to add content to the torrent community if it downloads content from it. This helps increase the size of the database and benefits other torrent peers. Torrent allows users to get access to files which are not available elsewhere on the internet and can be downloaded remotely and on multiple devices. Antivirus software can be added to scan the downloaded files. While downloading movies, a preview of the movie can be viewed in some cases. In a torrent network, there isn’t a single server which hosts all the files, there can be multiple sources for a file, hence if one source is out of service or not in a working condition, an alternate source can be used to access the required files. This saves time and increases reliability and probability of obtaining the file. As a user, it is our responsibility to be careful and not cross legal boundaries while using torrent websites and be responsible.

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