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Digital marketing trends have been changing drastically over the years. In this digitally connected era, Marketers must be updated with digital marketing tips to stay ahead and effectively scale up their marketing plan. Here, we have curated some of the emerging digital marketing trends that can impact your marketing strategy.


Irrespective of the industry, Chatbots are quite a buzz in a business as it improves the business operations immensely. Nowadays, there is a rapid adoption of chatbots in the industry because it is very beneficial and more comfortable to interact. Chatbot responds in a matter of seconds and provides quick answers to the users by saving a lot of time. Chatbots are mostly preferred as it is responsive around the clock 24/7 and more comfortable to approach in a global market. Chatbots also help in providing accurate answers to the customers effectively without any errors. Implementing chatbot enhances customer engagement and business productivity.

SEO A/B Split Testing:

Another vital part of digital marketing is SEO split testing. In search engine operation split testing, you can analyze the performance of the website traffic and improve the production accordingly. With A/B testing, you can adjust the website content and the customer engagement to your website. It also helps in reducing the bounce rates and offers insights on various metrics to enhance the site to a better version.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is another trending factor in this evolving world. Be it any business, Artificial Intelligence tools help in customer insights and analyzing the data. Implementing AI-powered tools can improve and make a business grow smoothly and efficiently. Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in 2020 is very beneficial, and some of the pros are designing automated ads for the targeted customers, analyzing data to create the right plan and strategy, customer engagement, and chatbots.

Video Marketing:

Going viral can be quickly done through a video as it is engaging and shareable on multiple social media platforms. Video Marketing is an effective way to promote your business to reach the targeted audience. Anything from products to testimonials can be incorporated in a video and can be shared on the internet. Video Marketing is a prevalent strategy and hottest digital marketing trends to look out in the upcoming years. It improves your SEO rankings and attracts users from various social media accounts. It also boosts conversions and one of the best ways to directly showcase your business which is practical and accessible.

Visual Search:

A visual search engine helps the user find information based on an image. It may be anything from a product to location, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning analysis, it returns with relevant results. With visual search, you can upload an image to get accurate results. The number of e-commerce businesses adopting visual search is increasing day by day. It boosts SEO and enhances customer experience. A visible search trend is another way to increase the customer base and improve brand visibility.

Social Messaging Apps:

Social messaging apps are easy to connect with customers and provides higher engagement and conversion rates. Generally, personalized interaction with the customer gives a better reach and improves brand awareness. Using social messaging apps for Marketing purposes can directly deliver information about the product or event to the customer. Messages are also beneficial as most of the users read it within minutes. The popularity of social messaging apps is because of the efficient way of engaging the customer.

Influencer Marketing:

Regardless of the industry type, influencer marketing has a significant impact on the targeted audience. Influencers are generally key leaders or a well-known personality with many followers. By choosing the right influencers for your business, you can improve brand awareness and expand your customer reach greatly. Partnering with an influencer, you can generate high ROI for your business because of the relevant audience.

Voice Search:

Voice powered search is an emerging trend that is used by most of the people all around the world. Often people tend to use mobile for searches, and voice assistant has become a crucial part of it. By using voice search, the page loads faster and boost the website’s traffic. It has also become an essential factor in business to navigate easily on a website offering a good user experience.

Interactive Content:

Marketers use interactive content like polls, whitepapers, surveys, etc. to drive more sales to their business. The interactive content is unique and original that makes the customers stay on the website for a more extended period. Interactive content requires customer engagement, which improves brand awareness and increases the shareability for a better content reach.


Marketers and Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their marketing strategy and customer reach. With market trends changing constantly, you must have the right marketing strategy to grow your business online. Being updated on the latest Marketing trends is quite essential to stay ahead and boost audience engagement. With these digital marketing trends, explore the various aspects of digital marketing and leverage your business to the next level.

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