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Although Facebook carries the award for the social network with the most market penetration and highest membership, Instagram must be recognized as the network that drove almost everyone crazy and somewhat changed how we live our everyday lives. Whereas in the past, we would capture moments and enclose them in frames to spice up our living room walls, now every good flick is geared towards making a self-affirming statement on Instagram. From the new shoes you bought to the amazing meal you had for lunch; the range of things that people post on this network is simply captivating.

The sharpest entrepreneurial minds, however, know that great business can thrive on the fun. While most guys are busy trying to showcase their beauty, wealth and hobbies, a smart entrepreneur can capitalize on these human desires and interests to offer a captivating solution and make incredible sales at the same time. Many fashion businesses, for instance, are making a huge portion of their income from Instagram sales nowadays. Any brand that wants to sail through the information age should consider Instagram as a vessel to gain more customers and make more sales. This article addresses some proven ways to boost sales on Instagram.

How to Boost Sales on Instagram

Start by having a proper Instagram business profile

If you are targeting to make more sales for your business through your Instagram account, you will need to present your Instagram account as that of a serious brand. To do this, you must switch from having a personal profile to having a business account that comes with many important perks such as analytics. Here you will be able to access data on following and unfollowing activity, post engagement, and so on. Ensure that all details like your Profile name, user handle, profile picture, and bio all represent your brand strongly.

Showcase a strong visual representation of your brand

Instagram is a visual platform where people come to view photos and watch videos. You will, therefore, need to ensure that all the visual content you upload strongly represents and markets your brand. Make sure you use high-quality images and videos and be sure to make all the uploaded content go in line with your brand’s visual details like colors and logos. You must be consistent in your posting pattern to ensure that all suitable prospects get constant reminders on why they should try out your product.

Capitalize on Instagram Ads

Advertising is a key pillar for the success of any business. Recent studies show that Instagram Ads perform way better than any other Ads placed on other social media networks. You can be able to customize your campaign to target a specific group of people that may be more interested in your product. If for instance, your product is more targeted towards the youth, you can customize your Ad to reach people aged between 18 and 30. You can also target your Ad geographically by choosing the countries or the regions that you would want your advert to air.

Work closely with Instagram influencers

You must acknowledge the kind of power that Instagram influencers have gained in this time and age. These are people with a cult following that can either endorse your product and lead to immense sales or boycott altogether and create a huge dent in your income. You, therefore, need to pinpoint several respected Instagram influencers in your niche and get them to endorse your product. You can assign each of them a promo code that their followers can use when making purchases so that you can track the performance of each influencer.

Incorporate proper hashtags, keywords, and captions

As much as Instagram is a visual platform, the strategy doesn’t just end there when you’re looking to boost sales for your brand. Whenever you are posting a photo or video, you will need to accompany it with a catchy caption that is straight to the point and easy to understand. You also need to use proper hashtags using strategic keywords that will place your product and brand on top of search engines. To this end, you should run keyword research for your product on a constant basis to ensure that every post you make hits the bull’s eye.

Engage & encourage your users

Human beings thrive on appreciation naturally. If you show someone that you really appreciate their efforts, the chances are that they will even put more effort into pleasing you. Encourage your customers to share photos and videos about their experience using your product and whenever they do that, be kind enough to shout them out and even repost their posts on your profile. This way they will feel like part of your family and even drum up support for your product so much more.

Launch contests and offer rewards, discounts and gift cards

A kind hand tends to receive more in return. Launch some pre-sale contests where say the first 100 people to buy your product or sign up for something will get some bonus gift or some reward. Also, be sure not to be left out when other brands are offering season discounts like during Christmas or Black Friday. Make sure that all your incentives are catchy and unbeatable. This way you will keep customers streaming in torrents.

Showcase your products in action

As much as you may have the most high-quality product in the market, people need to see it in action to sort of imagining using it themselves. If for instance, you sell cars, be sure to post videos of these cars in motion doing all those thrilling tricks that you’re advertising. If you sell clothes, don’t just post images of plainclothes but instead have some models to pose wearing these outfits to spark interest in the customer. Seeing the product in action generates instant interest in a prospective buyer.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that social media has indeed taken over the world. Businesses can no longer rely solely on conventional ways of marketing to rake in targeted sales. Instagram is, by far, the most strategic social platform to attract prospective buyers and rake in more sales. Make sure therefore that you have a proper Instagram business profile for your brand and that you employ the above tricks to stay a step ahead of your competitors. When you play the Instagram game well, you are guaranteed to wear a bigger smile to the bank.

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