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In the world of internet marketing, Instagram has become a huge platform where business owners, content creators like photographers or video makers have a great chance to cash their talent by posting quality pictures and videos related physical products, digital products and services.

Over the past few years, Instagram has been successful to gain more than 100 million monthly active users. So, most brands are devoting a big percentage of marketing budget and time to this image heavy channel.

If you have your account on Instagram, now it is the perfect time to avail its growing popularity on the internet. If you are really interested and ready to put in the sufficient time and commitment, within some months, you can find yourself in such a position where you can make a sound amount of income from your Instagram account.

If you are still not sure what to do, start with me. I will help you in your process. Read the following steps ensuring your Instagram success.

Create an Instagram account and Build impressive profile:

First thing what you need to do is to fill out your bio with correct information. This should include your contact information where you are from. You need to make clear what you are going to post about. Add in a few rich keywords and a couple of hashtags to ensure your niche so that you become easily findable by the right kind of followers. While choosing your best selling niche, you can put your interesting field first and you can search market for it.

Attract followers:

After completing all your basic things regarding your Instagram account and profile, you need put time and efforts to attract your followers. From the very start, you should understand that most brands expect strong and loyal followers on your account in order to build a working partnership. If you are new to this department, you can use the following points and tricks to increase the number of followers by building your account with a professional look.

To attract your followers, you need to post regularly, but be cautious that every image you post should be of high quality. A quality post will bring you more than what you get from the many images with poor quality.

If you are full of the art of capturing quality photos with clarity, you will surely be able to attract your followers. For it, you can take quality cameras so that your images can have an impression of your professionalism.

While posting your images on the Instagram, you need to be very particular about using relevant hashtags. Find out the best hashtags that are relevant to your interesting fields and use them in every single post.

Make your followers engaged with you. Put some time and effort every day to engage with your followers or anyone involved in your industry. Comment on and like images of others. If you genuinely communicate with others’ authentic content, they will positively be drawn to check out your Instagram account and, they hopefully join your loyal followers.

5 Effective Ways to Earn Money on Instagram

1. Create Sponsored Posts

By creating original sponsored content for brands, you can earn extra money via your Instagram account. Yes, you can create sponsored content as a photo or video highlighting a product or brand. You can post this content including captions, hashtags, links and @mentions.

Be careful that the product or brand, you promote is a good fit for your personal and professional image on Instagram. It is a good idea to show off brands that you trust upon. For it, you can confidently show your followers how that particular brand fits into your lifestyle.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Like bloggers, you can earn money with your Instagram account by selling product and services by promoting them. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting others’ products and getting paid per sale. with Instagram, you need to post attractive images of products highlighting their quality and to drive product sales through your affiliate URL.

Where to put your affiliate?

If you are doing great with your Instagram account, you can put your affiliate URL in your bio or in your caption. If you want to shorten or customize your affiliate link, you can use bitly URL shortener for this purpose. If you have any blog or website, you can hook up an Instagram profile and your blog so that you get more sales.

3. Sell your photos

For professional photographers, Instagram is the best place to showcase their photography and sell photos. The people, who have a great interest in Photography and want to be in touch of the art as their hobby, also can make this platform as money-making one. When you are spending your time and efforts to fulfill your hobby in the pleasant loom, you would be happy to know that it can bring you a right opportunity to buy quality photos. You can add watermarks to your photos and use the captions to list all photos with selling details in a proper manner. With your Instagram, you need to have an active presence so that your followers can have a great opportunity to buy quality images with your updates. Appropriate hashtags are helpful to attract people towards your photos. You should have a regular conversation with individual buyers and photography agencies.

4. Promote your business, products or services

Instagram is also a great marketing place for the business persons who sell their physical products, digital products or services. If you are one having your own business, you can post fresh and eye-catching images to promote your services and products. You can use the following creative ways for this purpose.

5. Sell your Instagram account

If you have had enough of Instagram and want to move on, you can sell it for good amount. Yes, it would be exciting for you that all the work you did on your Instagram account will not go waste; it can instead pay you back even when you no longer want to manage it. Fame swap and Viral Accounts are a few sites where you can sell your Instagram account.


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