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Algorithms termed as specified rules which are used to solve specific problems, and they require steps to be followed. They can be in the numerical forms. Google is an engine employed during a search in order to extract information such as the meaning of certain words, pictures required, and maps to direct a person, websites to link to and many others. Google uses the internet, and its services are internet related. Core update is a change in the algorithm. To get core updates, the majored areas are user intent, the high text quality, precise planning, and the related google guidelines.


Google core updates are algorithms updates which are not specific to the kind of search question. The updates were announced in advance through their Twitter handle, (Google Search Liaison) that they would roll out the core algorithms. It was to start on June 2019. This was to be the second major update.


In 2009:

Google made around 400 updates.

In 2018:

Google made around 3,234 updates, which amounted to an average of 9 updates per day. These changes made in 2018 were 8 times more to those made in 2009. Google update has a primary algorithm and minor algorithm. The major algorithm had an effect on search results in many ways.

March 2019:

Google updates created a significant change, which involved many difficulties. Some websites, such as, benefited to this change while others, such as, suffered a significant loss. This Google update was unofficial.

June 2019 Update:

Google announced an improved mobile speed update before its June 2019 updates to eliminate any confusion which may arise at the time as a result of the new core update. The update was given the name “June 2019 Core Update”. It was to start correctly on the 3rd of June. Google offers the best context by improving rankings through a document that guides raters.

The critical result of the new update is to prevent many searches that pop out from one website, from being displayed on the first page during a google search: not more than two listings will be displayed, and that subdomains won’t appear, only one domain will appear in one search. Subdomains will be viewed as the root domain. Algorithm trackers graph has been seen to rise.

The core updates include major google updates like a penguin. This update is made to check on the quality of a text or the links from one website to another commonly termed as backlinks. The backlinks improve the ranking of the SEO.


The updates were to be like those of March 2019 but had improved on the shakeup caused. The rank rangers’ niches had been affected. The update was supposed to target any site.

The industries brought about several theories of the update. Marcus Tober said that the march core updates had been reverted. He added that some factor had been branded and that that was what was being reverted so that certain websites could gain back their visibility.

Google was seen to fine-tune the winners and losers of the last update. Traffic in several sites drastically increased within a period 24hr. the June update google is meant to reduce this number of traffic.

In the health-related field, when one is searching for a product, Google may display sale details to the product information on page one. The researcher, therefore, gets the advanced information of the product before purchasing it. Sometimes losing traffic for specific keywords is helpful.


  • During the core updates of June 2019, google updates were done. Core updates of algorithms were also done. The update had specific impacts. One of these impacts was the improvement in the video carousels which had earlier replaced video box. A video carousel helps in organizing information so that it can bring out a specific meaning. Video carousels allowed people in YouTube to post more than three videos which were related. This happened on June 2019.
  • This leads to an improvement in SERP layout. While Google is termed as the engine used in a search, a SERP is the resulting page of the google. Google SERP display extra information beyond the mere results expected.
  • In June 2019, there were critical updates done, and they lead to a growth of 61.1% in the number of searches mostly done on YouTube.
  • The low-quality sites which are relied on to provide news are well targeted by Google. Google clearly shows and displays what is happening. This, in a way, helps the smaller sites losing up to larger ones to improve their content and avoid being null.


  • Google has data centers in different countries. These centers are the once responsible for the Google June 2019 Updates.
  • The twitter account of Google Search Liaison provided information about the upcoming update.
  • The newest Core updates have been started to improve the ranking of the SERP.
  • Major Websites lost traffic in the March google update.
  • Google June 2019 Core Update is found to have some demerits such as challenging the thinking, thus becoming very hard to recover from an update.


The pages losing traffic should be classified. These are pages for which keywords are identified. Ahrefs is used. In this case, several steps are followed:

  • Move to site explorer.
  • Click on the keywords, the movements.
  • Filter if necessary, the down and lost movements.
  • The winning pages are singled out. This is comparing the dropping keywords to what you have in the text.
  • Create a new subject for your page. Thing considered in changing of text;
  • Conclude what you can see.


If your website is affected by the latest Google Algorithm Updates, Google has given some suggestions regarding its Google Algorithm Update of 2019. It states that there are no specific errors that a webmaster can rectify to recover his sight. Instead of this, the webmaster can provide quality content as per different kinds of content requirements, which could enhance users’ experience while considering Google search quality rater guidelines. Then, they can take place in the search engine again after losing their rankings.

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