7 Most Preferred Plugins to Create a Mobile Ready WordPress Site

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Using mobile sites to connect with customers has become a trend that the majority of online players is opting to at a rapid pace. The rise of the mobile industry and the changing consumer habits has compelled organizations to invest efforts on creating a website that provides a pleasurable mobile browsing experience to their visitors. Mobile technology is skyrocketing and it’s quite evident in the way mobile usage has inflated the desktop. In fact, from April 21, Google is going to implement its new mobile-friendly algorithm (known as Mobilegeddon) according to which, only mobile compatible websites will be ranked higher. So, having a mobile-ready site is possibly hard to ignore now.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you are running the risk of losing a large pool of audience on the go. To make sure you don’t die in the wine, there is an array of WordPress plugins available that help you create a website that runs gracefully across a range of mobile devices. These plugins are perfect for the webmasters who own a WordPress powered website and looking for competent ways to connect with their mobile customers on the move.

Best Plugins to Create a Mobile-Ready WordPress Site

WP Touch

WP Touch is a high-performing plugin that replaces your website with a mobile-compatible theme and displays it flawlessly across a variety of devices. Using this plugin, it becomes easy for you to render a perfect mobile viewing experience to your users instantly. WP Touch comes in both free and premium version. With the free version, you get some basic features, such as language detection, social media, typography, and some other styling related options. The premium version offers some more standard features, including security updates, cloud themes, and more.


Jetpack is the most widely used plugin available for WordPress. The plugin works great in providing a mobile-friendly version of your website. It is easy to install and use, and includes 24 modules that enable users to alter their website in a convenient manner.

Obox Mobile

This premium plugin enables website owners to produce a mobile-compatible version of their website in the quickest possible manner. It is fast, easy to use and install. With its amazing customization features, you can conveniently tailor your mobile site as per your business needs. It comes complete with a variety of color schemes, social media features, and a lot more.


MobilePress is really an outstanding plugin that will help you attract more traffic from mobile devices. Activating this plugin, you can easily enhance your visibility across a range of mobile phones and give your visitors relevant mobile browsing experience. The plugin also utilizes some useful custom themes to make your website suitable for smartphones. Furthermore, it also allows developers to build their own custom themes if they don’t like the default ones.

WP Mobile Detector

The all-new WP Mobile Detector is all that you need to optimize your WordPress site for a variety of mobile devices. The plugin automatically detects the kind of mobile phone visitor is using and then loads the website accordingly. It comes loaded with plenty of features, including mobile statistics, image resizing, 7 pre-built mobile themes, compatible with 5,000 devices, and more. WP Mobile Detector also includes an installer for automatic configuration

iThemes Mobile

iThemes mobile is a fantastic plugin that converts your WordPress site into a mobile-friendly format. Its pre-built style manager and mobile-ready themes together create a flawless mobile viewing experience to your customers. The plugin also gives developers enough control to assign specific themes depending upon platforms and device specifications. iThemes also provides support for custom navigation menus for your mobile theme.

Duda Basic Mobile Builder

Duda Basic Mobile Builder offers a perfect way to create a mobile-ready WordPress site for your visitors. It’s simple to use a plugin that includes all the necessary features to help you create a professional-looking mobile website. It comes with a great number of features such as automatic syncing, design studio, maps & directions, business SMS info, and more.

To Conclude

With the plugins mentioned above, you can easily create a mobile-optimized WordPress site for your online business. They provide great ways to help your customers find you on the mobile while ensuring a delightful experience.

But there is also a fair chance that you are too busy to explore these plugins. Or perhaps you are not from a technical background and would not want to do the dirty work. For people like you, there is an alternative. There are umpteen SEO companies waiting to service you and get your website that high rating that you have been aiming at.

So what exactly do they do? An SEO company simply utilizes the best practice of Search Engine Optimization in order to increase the number of visitors to your website. They are a one-stop-solution to all your online competition. And they don’t just stop at optimizing the visits to your websites. There is a lot more than they can offer to webmasters that want to ramp up their websites but need a hand at it. Their services use tested processes to face-lift your website to draw in more traffic and also be able to beat the best sites competing with yours on Google. Normally most of these services come at a reasonable price.

All you need to do is look for a reputed company and brief them about your requirements. They will do all the heavy lifting for you while you just have to think about the quality of the content on your website.

Whether you do the hard work all by yourself or get the work done from an experienced team, what matters are the end results. So pick wisely and watch your website becoming an internet sensation.

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