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Are you looking to get the specialized skin and customized setting in the best Kodi builds software without doing much hardship? Opt for the best Kodi builds and get tons of addons in just a few clicks.

These build packs with a library of addons and themes that can change the look and feel of this high-powered media player and take your Kodi experience to a whole new level.

Still wondering about what exactly to go for? Read on to find out the list of the top builds add legal addons and homebrewed themes to your collection.

No Limits Magic

It tops the list of the best Kodi Builds; No Limits Magic comes in multiple flavours. The users can either install the lite version of the entire, complete build, depending on their internet speed and the storage space.

To get this build installed on your system, you need to download the No Limits Wizard first and begin the installation process accordingly.

What makes it different is its ability to get installed over the top of your current build, eliminating the need to erase or delete the existing data completely.


Download Titanium Kodi builds and steps into the world of entertainment. This lets you enjoy unlimited live sports, highlights, TV shows, movies, web series, and anything in between.

To render you unrestricted entertainment, this build is known to feature several addons such as SportsDevil, Yoda, DeathStar, Gaia, and many more to count.

Titanium is an idyllic choice for Spanish users; however, it supports all other languages to cater to other viewers’ needs equally.


Counted amongst the best Kodi builds available to date, Silvo is a go-to option for the fun-lovers and comes with an excellent emphasis on the available themes.

It is made available through the Multi build Wizard that can be downloaded and installed without a repository to facilitate the users.

On top of everything, this build comes in the most appropriate size, i.e., 481.42MB; therefore, it works well for devices with more resources.

Misfit Mods Lite

Ideal for Kodi 18 Leia only, MisFit Mods Lite gives you access to everything, be it free music, TV shows, live sports, or highlights.

Dotted with outstanding addons, this Kodi build proffers a wide range of video streams that comprises multiple sub-categories in each of its sections.

Get it installed right away and enjoy tons of free content without any hassle.

The Last Kingdom

Integrated with fun, specialized menu settings, The Last Kingdom boasts a futuristic feel and is counted amongst the best Kodi builds for several reasons.

It comes with certain pre-installed add-ons for the BBC, Adult Swim, ITV, etc., to offer a better streaming experience.

It has a menu section for kids, which is precisely what makes it stand a class apart from others.

BCFC Joe’s Football Legends

It comes with no pre-installed add-ons; this Kodi builds light in weight and is excellently built from the ground up with a skin you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are a soccer fan, then this option might be the best bet.

It is available to download and install in the EzzarMac repository through EzzerMac Wizard. It is particularly designed for Kodi 18.5 but will work with other versions of Kodi 18 as well.


One of the finest Kodi builds you would come across. Slamious is flexible and works with all kinds of devices, without creating any kind of fuss

It comes with a great collection of add-ons that let you stream anything you desire. What makes it worth giving a try is its excellent and simple user-friendly interface.

Route 66

With a great emphasis on the famous American Highway. Route 66 is free from frills and is extremely light in weight.

Although this build is slim. It has a good collection of addons to stream your favourite movies and images. It comes with 11 addons and delivers a simple skin.


One of the best Kodi builds to opt for, Xanax features a unique design and a smooth interface. A large number of exciting video addons come pre-installed with this build.

These are but are not limited to YouTube, Disney+, Formula1,, and a lot more.

One thing to keep in mind before installing this Kodi build is that you will have to download. The Xanax Repo first and then head to the installation procedure accordingly.


Let’s wrap up the list with yet another outstanding option, i.e., Xontech. Featuring an appealing design, this build works best with Kodi 18 Leia only.

Created by Team Falcon, this theme is easy to use and simple to navigate. It boasts a massive number of Program addons for maintenance and quality control. Apart from the best Kodi Builds, you can also choose the Best Kodi addon in 2021.


This is it!! Select any of the options that cater to your specific needs and offer you tons of entertainment fuss-free.

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