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PDFBear has a Online PDF Converter that can change your document’s format into different file types. Following a few simple steps, you would have the desired format you need your documents to have.

Whether it would be for a school-related project or assignment, or office work, PDFBear is the ideal tool to use. With PDFBear, you can access it anywhere.

PDFBear can help you with your documents and files in conversion and security when you have a good internet connection.

Converting Word to PDF

PDF files tend to provide more convenience when it comes to sending your files via email. PDF files are not easy to modify compared to the other file formats.

Usually, these files are read-only. Hence, it can provide you an assurance that the data stays intact. Like most of the online tools, you will need to upload the file into PDFBear as a start.

If you are thinking twice because of security reasons, you do not need to. PDFBear can change any Word DOC to PDF, and it strictly adheres to the company privacy policy. Hence, you can breathe easy knowing that your files are in good hands.

Once your file is in the online tool, the conversion process begins. It will take approximately two minutes, and your newly converted file is ready for use.

Other Things You Can Do With PDFBear

PDFBear is an online platform that centralizes in providing you quality service and makes your life better using its different tools.

Aside from converting, PDFBear can also help you when you wish to rearrange your files. With PDFBear, you can use the splitting option and reorganize your files the way you want and need them to.

After splitting, you can also combine the files back by using the merging tool. This tool can also aid you when you are looking to combine several files. Hence, saving you some space in your file folder.

Additionally, with PDFBear, you can also put password protection for your file using the lock option. By using the tool, you will be able to limit the people who can access the information in your document and keep it away from unwanted persons.

Thus, this is especially helpful when your documents contain confidential information.

Secure and Reliable

In line with the locking option, you can also unlock it using PDFBear. If you are not the original owner of the file, you will have to take not to have the authority before removing the password protection.

Moreover, with PDFBear, you can also make use of the repair option. If you have files that you can no longer open due to some technical difficulties or getting corrupted for some reason, PDFBear is there to help you.

In addition, PDF Bear offers to add page numbers too. This way, you can easily arrange your files by page and find the necessary information containing specific pages.

Also, when you are having trouble with large files, PDFBear offers a compressing tool that enables you to reduce your files’ size.

This is helpful, especially when you intend to send the file by email or by some form of a messaging application. Most of those have a file size limit.

PDFBear Features

PDFBear is an excellent pdf online converter tool. Not only does it offer an all-in-one converter with several other tools available for your convenience.

But PDFBear also has features that would surely provide you with a healthy experience while using the online tool. For one, PDFBear does not need any form of downloads.

PDFBear does not require any download or installation of a thing or two for it to be accessible to you.

Furthermore, PDFBear is free. You can have access to the online tool anywhere. The only requirement you should not forget is the internet connection.

Without it, you won’t be able to use the tool as it is dependent on your connection to the internet. Being a tool available online, this is a must.

PDFBear is not only free but is easily accessible with the use of any device, including tablets and smartphones. It can also function in various web browsers.

Efficient and Fast

PDFBear assures a fast upload and download speed for your files. As long as you have no trouble with your internet connection, then PDFBear is as efficient as it can be for you. With PDFBear, the waiting time is short.

Within approximately two minutes, you can have your newly processed files. There can be pop-up ads, but you will have enough time to accomplish more of the things you need to finish despite those.

As mentioned, PDFBear has several tools. With this online tool, you have a versatile online tool to help you address your document needs. Aside from the features listed, you would indeed find more benefits as you use this free online tool.

PDFBear PRO Account

PDFBear offers a free version and a Pro Account as well. With Pro accounts, you will have the whole experience when using the online tool.

While the free version is useful, Pro Account users enjoy more benefits than you would surely want to experience. You can either choose to subscribe on a monthly or yearly subscription. The price will vary, but either way, once you decide to go for a Pro Account, you can assure that every penny is worth it.

Pro Account users enjoy unlimited use of the tools. You can use the tools simultaneously and be free of the restrictions that free users’ experience. In addition, Pro Account users have the luxury of having a free pop-ad experience.

Parting Thoughts

There are many pdf online converter tools available within your grasp. But why choose PDFBear? This online converter tool is one of the best web-based tools ideal for converting your files and using the other tools when necessary.

To add, your safety is a priority when it comes to this online tool. So why hassle yourself figuring out which tool to use and trust with the safety of your files? PDFBear is readily available for you.

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