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CouchTuner is one of the popular online TV and movie streaming websites founded in 2010, which caters mainly to the American audience. However, it was found that CouchTuner made use of pirated content from other websites, and it had to be shut down, making it illegal to view such material. Since then, many other subdomains such as CouchTuner.in, CouchTuner. Rocks, CouchTuner.life have started coming up to entice viewers, which can turn out to be risky and compromise the security of viewers’ website.

There are many CouchTuner alternatives available in the market today and here are some of our best recommendations which we’ve shared below.

Is CouchTuner Safe to Use?

It’s recommended not to use CouchTuner as it’s a pirated online video streaming website and can have legal implications. However, CouchTuner does not require users to create an account to access their content and allows you to watch content from some of the popular channels and entertainment companies including HBO, Warner Bros, CNN, DC Media. It’s free of charge as the site allows you to stream content using third party providers and does not host content on its website.

On the downside, it’s essential always to remember that CouchTurner contains pirated content and also links your website with other third-party sites containing ads and promotional material. This increases the possibilities of exposure to malware which may be transmitted to your website as these third-party sites may not be verified and can neither be trusted easily.

Thus, it is preferable to use reliable and dedicated VPN services while streaming online movies or TV shows as otherwise it would be difficult to know if the content that you are watching is pirated or not. On the other hand, VPN gives you the freedom to watch your favorite shows or movies by unblocking and streaming content with HD quality.

VPN helps to encrypt your data by hiding your IP and allows you to maintain anonymity as a user while enabling you to track your browsing sessions as well.

Best CouchTuner Alternatives that you Should Know

As we’ve discussed above, CouchTuner has many drawbacks and may not be safe for viewing purposes as there is a possibility of downloading malware to your computer or mobile devices. The owners of the site do not have the necessary copyright license required for streaming content.

Hence, it’s recommended to switch over to other streaming services that are legal and may offer affordable subscription fees to view all your favourite TV series and movies without worries. Here are some of the best movie streaming alternatives which we’ve shared below:


Netflix is one of the leading and popular movie streaming services that require a subscription for accessing their TV shows, movies, cartoons and some of the original shows. Unlike most free video streaming websites, there are different plans to choose from ranging from basic, standard to premium with access to unlimited content. The main difference between different methods is the quality of streaming service and the restrictions regarding the number of devices that you can use together while viewing content on NetFlix.


This is yet another widely known online streaming service offering a choice of TV shows and movies across all genres with a versatile user interface that makes it easy to find trending shows and content. There is no registration fee, and you need not share your personal information on the website. Solarmovie allows you to rate your favourite TV shows and movies as well as place requests and even save exciting content to see them later. They do not store any content on their servers, and third parties offer most of the content.


Vumoo is the first choice of many online movie and TV series watchers and the good thing about it that you can use adblocker if you want to free from unwanted pop-ups and ads. There is no need to sign up to watch movies online. However, the site does not offer too many features like advanced search, filters, sorting, etc. You only get a search bar where you can type the movie or series name. You will get detailed information about the movie, like rating, genre, movie runtime, etc.


If you are fond of watching a film in HD version only then Soap2Day is the best site as it does not require any sign-up process. With the biggest collection of every genre of film and TV series, you will find your choice here. You can sort movies according to IMDB rating, popular, new release, Year and genre categories. It requires a simple two-click process to watch the video.


WatchFree is also a free movies site and TV shows. The interface of the site is attractive, and you can consider this site for online movie watching. You will get high speed along with HD movies. This site also does not require any sign-up process, and you can subscribe to its Facebook page to get the latest movie update information. The site grabs movies from top sources as it does not have its host files.


This is a free movie streaming sites available for viewers for watching TV shows and movies and does not require any registration. Moviewatcher has different types of genres available on this site ranging from music, mystery, news, talk shows, etc. which offers a lot of variety to the audience.

VPN for Safe and Secure Viewing:

There are movie streaming sites that provide plenty of content, but there are restrictions for viewers on what they may be able to view depending upon the location. Sometimes, it is likely to happen that your favourite content may not be available for viewing in specific countries. In such cases, VPN may enable to override such geographical restrictions which may be applied by websites such as NetFlix and users may still be able to view the content.

Again, digital security can be a big issue as most of the movie streaming websites are vulnerable to hacking threats which can be minimized with the use of VPN. This is because VPN allows to encrypt the traffic and also does not reveal the IP address, which can help in protecting your valuable information.


CouchTuner may not be the first preference for watching online streaming movies or TV shows as it’s prone to security and copyright issues. It’s necessary to have a good user experience for the viewers and safety, and security is a prime concern. Most of the alternatives which we’ve discussed above may prove to be better options.

CouchTuner has also banned in many countries, and Google also blocked this streaming service owing to their pirated content. No matter what alternatives you choose in place of CouchTuner, it makes sense to use VPN while using streaming websites and protect your vital data from being stolen by hackers.

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