Zoom Vs Dreamcast

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Zoom Vs Dreamcast: The outspread of coronavirus created hype regarding events going virtual. This made remote collaboration a no-brainer.

With the world moving towards the digitalization era, more and more platforms are emerging to offer their ideas and tools to the market. These platforms have enabled people to connect with anyone irrespective of their geographical location.

In this blog, we will have a quick comparison of one of the top two virtual event platforms- Zoom Vs. Dreamcast. To provide a deeper understanding of both platforms.

So let us know- what makes Dreamcast different from Zoom and vice versa. Time to get started!

How is Zoom different from Dreamcast?

Zoom is a simple video meeting tool that is used to conduct webinars or two-way conferencing. It also enables participants to have a live chat with anyone in the platform, seamlessly share-screen, and some other collective capabilities.

You can easily access the meeting using any devices like android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc. No doubt that video conferencing tools have been there since the beginning of the digital era.

Zoom is just another interaction software alongside Google meet, Skype, Cisco Webex, and whatever else.

Furthermore that, Zoom has four different pricing plans, starting from basic to business. You can choose the plan according to your business outputs and requirements. Here are the four plans you must know!

Zoom basic

This plan is the most popular in terms of pricing rank because it carries zero cost. You can have a group or 1:1 meeting with people seamlessly.

But the drawback of this plan is that you can only conduct the meeting for 40 minutes if the participants are more than three. If you do not attend or host meetings every day, this plan is the best.

Zoom Pro

This plan is effective for businesses that work with a small team or curates meetings daily. Beyond extending your meeting time limit, you can also create IDs for upcoming meetings and store previous meeting records in the cloud.

Zoom enterprises

This enterprise plan is designed to allow big companies to take their meetings with a limit of 100 guests. Apart from it, you also get unlimited cloud storage, an experienced ‘customer success manager,’ and the ability to communicate with 500 guests on a single call.

Zoom Business

Zoom business plan is an affordable plan for small businesses that allows organizers to invite 10-15 guests. In addition, this plan offers features like customer support and auto-generated transcription.

After you are done with the planning, Zoom has a few core features; they are as follow-

  • Live Chat: With this feature, you can easily send text messages to participants privately or in a group.
  • Record: You can easily record the session manually or automatically store the recordings in your most engaging files or allow the zoom cloud for future reference.
  • Screen-sharing: With this feature, you can share presentations, videos, or images seamlessly with your participants without any hindrance.
  • Breakout rooms: Breakout rooms enable hosts to break the session down into individual groups so that participants can interact with each other and build connections.

How is Dreamcast different from Zoom?

Dreamcast is a full-scaled personalized virtual event platform that transforms in-person events into a 3D virtual set-up. It delivers its services to every sector in the industry.

The platform has easily replicated the essence of face-to-face communications and has offered dynamic features; they are as follows-

Live chat-

Through this feature, Dreamcast enables users to have a seamless interaction with anyone participating in the platform.

Digital footprinting:

This exuberant feature marks the activity of attendees in a very secure format. Organizers can easily gather important information about their attendees via using this tool and receive instant feedback during the event.

Easy navigation:

This feature is solely beneficial for participants. It allows them to have a quick walkthrough of the platform, gives insights into the activities taking place on the platform, and many more.

Smart access management:

This feature allows the organizer to rule the event in a way they like. Smart access management helps in enabling or disabling any session or location at the event.

Offers special access to VIP guests for special sessions or particular locations.

Do It Yourself:

This feature is the latest of all features provided by Dreamcast. It allows organizers to change the complete ambiance of the platform all by themselves.

For example, you can personalize their booth builders, change the color & font of buttons and icons, add as many touchpoints in the lobby, customize their dynamic banners, add music and lights at the platform as per them, and much more.

AI Matchmaking:

Find your ideal matches or similar mindset individuals at the platform and network seamlessly via AI intent matchmaking. The feature suggests that participants connect with people who have similar interests and interact with each other effortlessly.


With this feature, organizers can easily engage their attendees by inculcating 20+ games offered by the platform, or you can also add your personalized games. Games like spin the wheel, shooting games, crossword puzzles, and more can be incorporated.

Live Q&A via Video:

Have a two-way interaction with potential individuals within the virtual hybrid event platform immersively. This Live Q&A via video feature allows the speaker and virtual attendees to communicate with each other most engagingly.

Attendees have access to ask questions in between the session via this tool, appearing on the speaker’s screen. This way speaker can solve the attendee’s doubts instantly while also uplift their relationship.

There are many more features that this virtual, hybrid event platform offers to its clients. For example, you can host an event on the platform, starting from conferences, seminars, webinars, meetings, AGMs to trade shows, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, award shows, and whatever else.

Not just that, Dreamcast offers Hybrid events, webinars, live streaming platforms as well with a similar set of tools and tactics.


Virtual events are becoming more convenient for organizers as they have provided us so much than we expected. But the main question here is which platform is right for you?

Seeing that Zoom vs Dreamcast have so much to offer to the audience, the only way to figure out which is the best is – Your way!

Choose the right platform according to your requirements. If you want to host simple and regular bases meetings, go for Zoom.

If you want to host a big event with zero attendee restriction, generate better leads, better ROI, better engagement, get instant feedback and data analytics, and go for Dreamcast as they have it all!

To sum up, Zoom is great for delivering and presenting content, conducting an hour or two short discussions in a closed environment.

At the same time, Dreamcast is an event management platform that offers empowering tools to run a successful event online. So we can say that Zoom vs Dreamcast will helps you to choose the best platform for yourself.

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