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The system of education has changed a lot with time. Students are no more limited to their books and their institution for gaining knowledge. Technology has allowed students to go far beyond their course curriculum, giving them more to learn. Online education websites and distance learning apps have revolutionized the techniques of studying as well as teaching.

Apps for distance learning

Almost everyone now has access to the internet and owns at least one electronic gadget such as a smartphones and tablets. Nearly every mobile app development agency is trying to bring apps to these devices that allow students to undertake distance learning programs. If you are looking for such apps, some of the best apps for you on both iOS and Android devices are as follows.


An example of fine learning app development is Duolingo. This app is one of the best when it comes to learning different languages. It contains over 30 different languages to learn from. It is suitable for children who are going to learn their first language as well as adults who want to get proficient in a second or a third language. The app uses both images and audio to enhance learning. It demands the active participation of the user as you have to constantly tap, write, or speak to proceed with the course.


This app offers a wide variety of courses. From web designing and programming to cyber security courses, drawing, and playing the guitar, it has it all. The app is free and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You will have access to all the features irrespective of whether you are using the app on a phone, tablet, or even on a computer. This online education app contains both free and paid courses. However, the paid courses are quite affordable and well worth the investment.


This app provides courses mainly for software developers and graphic designers. This can be your one-stop solution for learning app development. It offers detailed courses in video formats that can help you learn the topics. Here you do not have to have to pay for every course you want to opt for. Instead, you have to pay a monthly subscription after which you opt as many courses as you want from the app.


This is an online school app that provides courses in various subjects from the top institutions globally. All the courses offered here are completely free of cost even though they are sourced from esteemed institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and more. The app also allows you to connect with other fellow students as well as the faculty members to give you the classroom-like feel truly. This is one of the rare android distance learning apps, which is free to use and compatible with iOS devices as well.

Khan Academy:

This app was initially available only on iOS and Windows but has been recently introduced to Android too. This app teaches school level subjects such as maths, science, and humanities up to 12th grade. The app provides video lectures as well as online tests and quizzes, which you can take up at a convenient time. This allows you to progress with the course at your own pace. The best part about this distance learning app is that all courses provided here are completely free of cost.


TED is a unique platform where speakers share their experience and success stories. These speakers are often prominent figures, designers, and thinkers who shower their positive influence over the audience. You can find lectures or talks on various topics such as politics, economics, science, art, and many more. These videos mainly inspire you and help you think in the right direction so that you too find success in your life. All these videos are completely free to watch on their android or iOS app.


Books have been the source of education for a long time. Online distance learning apps such as Goodreads take book reading to a different level. It is like an online library of digital or e-books that you can access anytime and from anywhere. You can find numerous books that can help you with your course subjects. At the same time, the library also contains many books on fiction and leisure reads should you choose to take a break from your studies.


If you are familiar with live classes and wish to host or take part in one, then Zoom is your friend. This is one of the reputed distance learning apps for teachers because of its ease of use and device compatibility. You can take live classes with many students at a time and communicate with each of them. The chatbox allows users to communicate even if they do not have a microphone. With the present screen feature, you can show the slides and presentation saved on your device with all the students who are joined in. While the base plan is free, you can opt for a paid subscription should you need more advanced features.


This is one of the ios educational learning apps that are mostly downloaded on iPads than iPhone. This app is meant for taking and managing notes digitally on your device. With the help of an apple pencil, you can write notes on it as you would normally write on paper. The app also lets you manage and organize your notes and have them regularly backed up. With a one-time payment, you can use this app forever.

Google Drive:

As you keep on downloading more videos and course materials on your device, you will find you are slowly running out of storage space. Google Drive is one of the android apps for students which will help you to take cloud backup of the materials so that you can free up some space on your device. The free plan offers you 15 GB of storage which can be expanded with paid subscriptions.


The competition in the field of education and career seeking has risen significantly. Online sources of education and distance learning apps can augment traditional forms of education and enhance your learning. You can get ahead in the competition if you take help from these apps and get the results you aim for.

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