Machine Learning And Artifical Intelligence

Search engines like Google use artificial intelligence and machine learning to present a visitor with most relevant search results. How does Google search algorithm function? Why has your site failed to rank? These are important questions a site owner should ask before attempting to rank a website.

Keep it in mind that SEO is not simple. It is not an overnight procedure. One has to take into account essential components before starting the process. Therefore, it is important to understand how Google worked back then and how its algorithm functions presently.

The Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, Alexander Peresunko, specifies the influence of ML&AI on SEO performance with the help of the following essential points.


Google algorithm was characterized by simpler time for SEO. The old time for internet marketing and SEO was back ten years ago. The term “internet marketing” was exclusively derogatorily segregating a fraction of phishers, spammers and anyone who wished to shove products online. The concept worked, and most people could rank their websites within few days by keyword stuffing, creating irrelevant links and by spamming.

Presently, Google search engine is divided into several elements. It is the only way Google search algorithm can handle web’s 70 Trillion+ web pages. In this regard, Google uses artificial intelligence (AI) to discover components that create the flow of rank factors. One technique employed by Google in optimizing your site is crawling and indexing. It involves following internal links of a site from one page to another. A webmaster or site owner can decide which pages they wish Google to crawl. Also, they can deindex the whole site with robots.txt if they want. Google uses Googlebot in sorting pages by anchor text, links or contents. Formulas and algorithm are another interesting methods that Google present. Google writes formulas and programs to deliver excellent search results.

How do AI and ML affect SEO?

AI and ML affect SEO
The most important question is whether AI and Machine learning affect SEO positively or negatively. Different SEO experts have demonstrated diversified opinions and philosophy about the subject. On the positive side, a site owner using White-Hat SEO approaches should automatically achieve Google rankings. Google wants to see the generation of user engaging, shareable and great content in addition to optimizing onsite. The rest of the techniques should be manipulated. Moreover, it can take a while before a site ranks, but it is important to allow this to come naturally. Therefore, ensure a static ranking in Google and avoid spam.

On the downside, AI and Machine Learning helps Google algorithm to grow in pace that is difficult for even Google developers to cope up or maintain. From this point of view, site owners will have to work on experiments concerning ranking factors that matter for Google. Experts argue that eventually site optimization and SEO will be harder than initially anticipated. Also, this can mean an easier process of searching information. It is simpler to provide users with what they need in precise than to feed search engines with the information they want. If a site has a great user experience and content, it does not matter what Google requires. The customers will be happy and contented. Having satisfied customers is a perfect idea for any business.

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