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Before few years, computers were of utmost importance as they were an excellent means of communication apart from providing education and entertainment. We relied on them for calculations, online transactions, online business, data storage, etc. The list is huge. The only disadvantage was its portability factor. Their place was limited to tables or desks since they were immobile. This is where laptops gain an added advantage.

In a laptop, handiness was a significant attraction to its users. This is an era of multi-tasking and multi-functioning. People want access to online information or perform online transactions at any time and any place, whether they are available on their desks or are traveling.

Laptops are handy, efficient, and very convenient to use or carry. Hence computers have been replaced by laptops to a great extent. However, sometimes the portability factor can turn into a disadvantage.

Since laptops are portable, they are an easy target for thieves. Hence, it becomes essential to safeguard your asset from being stolen or misused, specifically in public places. It is safe for laptops to take some security measures when you carry them at public places frequently.

As per research, the figures quoted by Safeware Insurance Group state that approximately 4,00,000 laptops are stolen yearly in the USA.

There are specific theft preventive measures which help to secure laptop, especially in public places like avoid the usage of public WI-FI, browse only secured websites, do not save passwords in browsers, turn on the firewall, password-protected shared folders, run antivirus, etc.

Preventions to be taken:

Laptop Lock:


The thought of losing your laptop and its information can give you sleepless nights. There are many ways to protect your laptop from being stolen. Apart from installing tracking software or installing tools for protection which are available in the market, laptop lock is one of the most desired tools for protection.

This sturdy laptop lock comes with a push-button design and 10000+ combinations which are easy to reset. 99% of the laptops have a Kensington Security Slot which allows the lock to be attached to the laptop. Tampering is not possible because these locks have superior strength. For example, Kensington K64673AM is an excellent laptop lock which serves your purpose.

Instructions for use:

  • After checking the laptop compatibility for using this lock, check out for the USS (Universal Security Slot). This is where the round end of the lock must be inserted.
  • The other part of the lock is the round metal chain just like bicycle locks. Wrap that end of the lock to a heavy and non-movable stationary object.
  • Insert the lock into the laptop by creating a loop in the cable.
  • Now push the round end of the lock into the USS. After a click sound is heard, enter your guessed numbered combination and remember the same.
  • Now the lock will not come out of the USS without entering the combination or opening it with the key.

Always carry at public places:

While visiting any public place, be it café, airport, train or bus, always carry your laptop with you wherever you go. Never let it out of eyesight. Because a laptop with all your data is not worth putting it beyond your vision.

Carry a travel-friendly laptop bag:

Always opt for a secure and travel-friendly laptop bag with paddings so that your laptop is protected from jerks. Go for a bag which is TSA compliant if you want to travel by air.

Ensure that the bag is comfortable on your shoulders so that you don’t need to put it down at every halt you make at a public place.

“Do Not Disturb” is essential:

You need to take extra care of your asset when you are staying in a hotel where house-keeping staff enters your room for cleanliness purpose.

The best option would be to allow any hotel staff to enter your room in your presence. In case you need to move out without your laptop, kindly put the “Do Not Disturb” tag on the door so that no one enters in your absence.

Remember even the hotel safe is not 100% secured, because they do have a master unlock key in case of accidental safe locks.

Laptop arms:

A double lockdown laptop arm is excellent for public places because it helps in securing your laptop in open positions.

Other Precautions for Security:

Insert Location Finder:

My Device” feature in Windows 10 helps you to find your laptop’s location if it is lost or stolen. Select the Settings menu from the Start menu and go to Update and Security. Select “Find my Device” option click Change. Select “On” to save my device’s location periodically.

Will help trace your laptop if it is stolen. Lojak Tracking Software is one of the best software for tracing your laptop. Installation of this software will allow you to track, locate, and recover your laptop. There are theft recovery teams who help you to investigate and find the person who has your laptop.

Registration – A Priority:

Registration of your laptop is essential in 2 ways.

  • If you have bought the laptop from a store, you can check out whether it is already registered in someone else’s name which will enable you to know whether it is a stolen property or a new one.
  • In the case of laptop theft, it can be located.


  • Get the serial number of the laptop from beneath the machine.
  • In the manufacturer’s site, enter this serial number to check whether it is registered or not.
  • Also, check the operating system registration of your laptop.
  • You can register your laptop online by filling the laptop registration form or with any of the institutions which serve the same purpose.
  • The serial number can easily trace the registered laptop.

Conceal your Laptop:

You can conceal your laptop with laptop sleeves or messenger bags instead of bag packs or laptop bags. Customize and decorate them with stickers or skins and decals so that they look different and non-suspicious to thieves.

Covering your laptop with a blanket and keeping it in your car doesn’t sound right because thieves are always aware of the hidden ways which you opt for.

Regular Backups:

After securing your laptop, it’s time to secure your software. Regular backups with a strong password will prevent your confidential information from being stolen or misused.
Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) also adds to the security of your laptop.


Above mentioned are a few measures which help you to protect your laptop from getting stolen in public places. Ensure that other precautions are also taken so in the worst scenario if your laptop is stolen, is recovered, and informative data will be saved.

Finally, avoid using public WIFI and insure your laptop against thefts to be 100% secure.

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