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The entire business world is facing challenges relating to digitizing their procedures. No industry has seen more change in the past few decades than the manufacturing industry. There are a few main concerns business owners should be aware of in the digital age: Applying permissions correctly through-out your workforce and being aware of security risks.

These two concerns should be at the top of the priority list of every IT leader in business. There are a variety of ways to tackle these issues.

Giving Employees Full Access?

In recent years, in the workplace, it is becoming common practice to give employees unlimited access to databases and computer programs. This can be a dangerous practice that could end up costing the company sensitive data and money. It could even lead to a lawsuit if certain information gets released.

This fact isn’t entirely the fault of the company. Creating a digital infrastructure that permissions your employees correctly is a daunting task that even some of the most skilled IT guys can’t accomplish.

Finding a Balance

You want to make sure the correct amount of employees have access to necessary data, but you don’t want you network to be open to everyone in your building. Allotting these permissions correctly the first time will save your organization time and money.

Be Aware of Unexpected Costs

Cyber attacks are more common than expected. Verizon was breached a few years ago and the proceeding study found that 80 to 90% of all data breeches involve weak log-in credentials that were stolen.

Every business needs a fail safe system to protect their employees from their own carelessness. If these data breeches occur, it will be a costly, unexpected bill for a company.

The same organization that found end-user weak passwords to be the primary culprit behind data breeches found that there is a 10% likelihood that a data breech will lead to costs exceeding over 10 million dollars. 90% of the time the cost of a data breech will exceed $50,000. The importance of a secure network cannot be stressed enough.


The good news is there is an abundancy of services available for companies to use. OneLogin in offers a simple, yet effective solution. Some of OneLogin’s clients are AAA, Airbus, and Steelcase: a great line-up of trusted partners. OneLogin is a single sign on portal that uses multifactor authentication (MFA). Single sign on, or SSO, is the process of using one set of credentials to operate every domain and app you have.

OneLogin is no ordinary SSO, it comes prepared to handle over 5,000 apps, and even more apps can be implemented in the log-in system.

With OneLogin, any company can have their network made more secure. A company’s employees will be given a set of OneLogin credentials to use on the SSO portal. They can use these credentials to log-in to all the appropriate programs and apps. Each employee can be customized to their particular needs.

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