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Jasleen is designated as Sr. Associate- Content Marketing at Digital Vidya. Besides handling the content writing and marketing activities, she leads Digital Marketing Internship Programme.

To be able to sustain in the long-run Content Marketing league, it is imperative to produce both qualitative as well as quantitative content on a consistent basis. Attracting, engaging and building customers with right content marketing techniques will ensure desired results. Thus, it is important to produce content that is relevant and best suited to your audience. And to ensure that, it is advised to follow top Content Marketing tips to drive more traffic and engagement.

  • Produce quality structured content to keep readers hooked to your website or Native apps.
  • Publish content on an ongoing basis. Take care of 3 key factors viz. frequency, timing and platform
  • Repurpose content to use one piece of content in different formats on different channels.
  • Always write what the readers want to read. This will ensure increased website traffic.
  • Include more visual content to increase brand awareness, generate high quality traffic and retain customers.
  • Leverage social listening and influencer marketing techniques to identify and determine audience’s interest.
  • Build market funnels to automate your customer acquisition. Because content is a starting point to complete marketing automation.

Erin Nelson has rightly quoted that ‘it costs less to retain a customer than it does to acquire a new one.’ So, going by his statement, understand and access top Content Marketing tips failing which will lead to dip in website traffic., you can crack the key to get desired organic traffic and boost your SEO ranking!


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