Marketing Tips to Improve Magento eCommerce conversion

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Magento eCommerce Conversion: These days, there is a trend among business ventures, organizations, individual entrepreneurs to create their virtual storefronts and expect that buyers will start visiting their sites in bulk and buying their products soon. If you are also mulling something like this, just wake from your slumber and be practical.

When you have an E-store, you face several challenges to keep your E-commerce business ahead of your competitors and generate a handsome revenue every week/month. For example- Lots of ifs and buts in E-commerce SEO, Management of logistics and merchandise, staff arrangement, coordination with manufacturers, etc.

E-commerce marketing is one important factor that helps you to raise awareness about your E-store and products among a large number of buyers and encourage them to buy from you. It can be separated into two different sections- generating quality traffic to your site and optimize the user experience for conversion.

Magento is a preferred E-commerce platform by a large number of entrepreneurs all across the world. Do you also run a Magento E-commerce site and want to grow the conversion rate? If yes, then you must follow some tips as compiled below-

1. Improve Your Site’s Visibility On Search Engines

Shoppers use different search engines for online shopping. Search engines evaluate websites or their pages from various angles and display them in search results in accordance with their usefulness and relevance for visitors.

If search engines find your E-commerce website or its pages highly useful for buyers, they award it with a decent rank their SERPs, which helps you to get a steady flow of traffic to your site and sell your products. For this, you need to optimize your site with the latest practices of E-commerce SEO.

Therefore, be careful about this aspect of E-commerce business and maintain consistency in your site optimization to get a fair amount of business opportunities.

2. Display credible product reviews

Product reviews affect the buying intent of potential shoppers. It’s a fact that almost all shoppers go through the product reviews before making a buying decision. If your site has no credible reviews, it is possible that you are missing a lot of sales.

Therefore, allow buyers to rate your products and services and display their reviews on your site. It will help you to attract potential buyers and increase the sale of your products. Never afraid of negative reviews as they give you several chances to improve your E-commerce business and gain more benefits out of that.

3. Focus On Cross-Selling And Up-Selling

If you want to see a significant boom in your E-commerce sales, your sales executives and Managers need to give special attention to promote cross-selling and up-selling without any fail. As a matter of fact, cross-selling is a process of selling the related items/complementary products to existing customers. For example- If a customer buys a pair of shoes from your site, you can suggest him/her purchase shocks, shoe polish, shoe clips, etc, to improve your sales.

On the other hand, up-selling is a process of convincing customers to buy different expensive items collectively by offering some discounts/freebies. You must always remember that both cross-selling and up-selling should take place as per the willingness of customers. If you try to pitch your products aggressively to the customers, it may annoy them and it is possible that they may stop buying from your site from the next time.

4. Make The Shipping Cost Reasonable Or Eliminate Completely

In the E-commerce business, even a little slice of business coming from a single customer matters a lot for you when you face tough competition from your business rivals. You must know that frequent buyers are hypersensitive about the product shipping cost.

If they come to know that the product shipping cost is more than the actual cost of the product. They quash their purchasing order. In fact, high shipping cost is a conversion killer, mind it. Therefore, keep the product shipping cost at a moderate level or get rid of it completely.

Note- Most of the buyers expect the timely delivery of the purchased products. So, you must improve your product shipping services and try to deliver the ordered products after 2-3 days once you receive their orders.

5. Include Trust Factors To Your Site

The E-commerce business is fully dependent on the trust between the E-retailers and buyers. As E-commerce sites deal with the financial details of customers. The cyber hackers make several attempts to bring your E-commerce business down and get some monetary advantages.

There are millions of people who are skeptical about online shopping because of a number of increasing cases of fraud in the E-commerce business. Just one mistake (such as website hacking, a week-long downtime, identity theft, etc.) It can frighten shoppers terribly and repel them from your site.

Therefore, you need to increase the trust factor of your E-commerce site to ensure the safety of the customer’s details when they use it for online shopping. For this, you can try the following options-

  • Add SSL and HTTPs certificate to your site
  • Use a good quality antivirus to thwart the flow of malicious traffic, SPAM comments, and automated entry to your site.
  • Get your E-commerce site reviewed by an expert Magento developer or an IT security expert to eliminate possible security loopholes.
  • Add several payment gateways to your site to allow customers to pay for the purchased products easily and quickly.
  • Display the contact numbers, Email Id and physical address of your E-commerce company on your site. And reply to the questions raised by customers as soon as possible.
  • Show your store location clearly on search engines, Magento 2 store locator can help you do this.
  • Clarify your site’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Product replacement/return policy, Money refund policy and put it on the site.

6. Reduce The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Almost all E-commerce companies face the shopping cart abandonment problem more or less. In fact, when a customer starts with the product purchasing process but leaves the cart without completing the transaction, then it is regarded as Shopping cart abandonment.

The high rate of shopping cart abandonment affects the performance of your E-commerce site and you suffer a huge loss. There are several reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts. Just have a look at those points in your case and try to remove them as soon as possible. To diminish the painfully high rate of the shopping cart.

One of the easiest ways to tackle this problem is to launch personalized Email marketing campaigns using an E-mail marketing extension like Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email‘ or a third party Email Marketing Software..

7. Focus on Mobile E-commerce

Several millions of tech-savvy people use different mobile devices to browse the Internet and do online shopping. So, you can’t ignore the potential sales coming from small screens. That is why, to boost the conversion rate of your site, you must take your E-commerce to different mobile platforms.

In general, make sure that your E-commerce site is responsive to various mobile devices. And offers a uniform shopping experience to visitors on small screens.

If you have sufficient budget and resources. A proficient Magento development firm can give you a separate mobile version of your E-commerce site.

Furthermore, get a mobile app developed for your E-commerce website and meet the growing needs of buyers through your mobile app.

Concluding remarks

This article explains some important tricks to boost the conversion rate of your Magento E-commerce site. Just implement them candidly and run a profitable E-commerce business easily.

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