A Listicle is the new craze that is growing in popularity in the digital world ever since its conception. The word listicle has been derived from the word list and article. It is mostly a blend of list written in the form of an article. Easy and interesting, it has been seen to possess the potential to keep people glued on a website for long. Business websites, blogs every online portal needs to increase traffic to its website. There are many ways to accomplish this but listicles seem to outweigh all the positives of other traffic increasing measures existent in the world of Social Media. As with everything new there is also a growing debate regarding the necessity of listicles on a blog or website.

Listicles are interesting yes, engaging yes, but are they necessary?

Let’s have a closer look at it.

It is an Easy Engagement Source:

Listicles are articles that catch a reader’s attention easily. Secondly, listicles are easy to write. There are many tactics and techniques that are applied on social media to attract attention. Listicles provide a business with the easiest way to do this.

A listicle to be interesting needs to be backed by a skilled writer. Simply listing boring points in the form of an article makes attention dwindle and visitors abandon a site. It is important to note that easy here does not mean low quality. Listicles are those articles that needs a lot of effort to be reproduced as something that keeps a reader engaged.

It is Engaging:

Listicles are something that people like to read on the go, while waiting for something or simply while browsing. What easier way to attract traffic to a blog or a business website but an engaging article.

A listicle does not require readers to go through paragraphs to reach to a particular point. The clear, to-the-point and conversational tone of the article make readers feel that they are rather having a discussion or a chat with a friend. Many readers shy away from reading through paragraphs. Listicles help retain these readers on a blog.

Has the Potential to Arouse People’s Curiosity:

An article may be very in-depth and interesting, but it is not necessary that it will arouse everyone’s curiosity. The reasons are varied as to why an article with potential might fail to do so. However, one point that stands out is the low attention span of most readers. In this age, everyone wants everything fast. They like getting to the core of an article fast, they like to know what it is all about fast and if possible browse through all the things that may interest them.

Listicles come with interesting headlines. These headlines in themselves speak a lot about what the article is about. The points that follows in the article lets a user decide on what he/she wants to focus on in the article. A reader does not need to go through several paragraphs to reach it. Thanks to the headline and the pointers it makes navigation through the article smooth.

Needless to highlight listicles has the potential to break through a hesitant reader and bring him/her to a blog.

Stand Out Visually:

Listicles stand out visually. A writer also has the freedom to include gifs and other engaging visuals to make a listicle more interesting. Not everyone is an avid reader. The world is populated more with people who like to browse through fun content that are equally punctuated with interesting visuals that tickles at ones funny bones. It is not necessary that a listicle be restricted to just being fun. A listicle can also be created in a way that evokes the creative side of people.

Whichever way one looks at it listicles has the potential to be tailor-made to every person’s interest. This makes a blog with a listicle attract a lot of crowd to its website. Crowd that would otherwise have gone unacknowledged with a basic article.

Content is a powerful way of navigating traffic to a website. Businesses, companies every online portal has a blog that speaks about the company. Listicles in a blog attracts not only the target audience but every hidden potential customer that might be sitting unacknowledged.

The social media market is brimming with innovative time consuming tactics to attract traffic, but listicles stand out because it is easy to create one, has no hidden costs, and has the capacity to attract people with diverse interests, cultures and inclinations. Listicles break through all the inhibitions and differences and make a person look up and take notice. Give these humble looking listicles a chance. Wrap a blog with these and see its popularity rise beyond imagination.


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