Success in business is synonymous with an ‘on-the-go’ life for entrepreneurs. The comforts of familiarity are one luxury that they cannot afford with their busy lifestyle. The need to travel for business meetings, sealing deals, etc., make nomads out of sane corporate executives. It is very difficult for traveling executives to keep their lives from going haywire. Starting from basic necessities like food to keeping documents arranged while traveling for business, the concerns of conducting a business on-the-go is quite unmanageable. This often results in a lack of enthusiasm and poor performance. For success in business, it is important that corporate executives stay stress-free, organized and in the right frame of mind.

Is there a way to instill a little organization in such a lifestyle?

The good news is there is away. The digital world has observed the need for the new era businessmen has brought to life apps that can help him to stay organized while maintaining his busy business schedules.


Unhealthy binging is a characteristic of busy people thanks to crazy working hours and busy schedules. The repercussions of this habit is a direct threat to sustained success in business. With health gaining importance even in the business scenario now more and more entrepreneurs are looking for healthier options when they are out at work. Needless to say, the unfamiliarity of place and hectic schedules make this simple search impossible. This is where the Farmstand app comes in. With this app, one can locate fresh produce and healthy markets easily. This app is all about locating healthy food. This app features around 8,700 global farmers. One can easily balance and plan out a meal beforehand with the use of this app. Interactive, easy to use and reasonable rates make this app a favorite with all the users. This app makes it easy to incorporate healthy eating habits within a busy lifestyle.


Security is a major concern in the business world. A little carelessness here and there can break the foundation of a business. An entrepreneur traveling for work has to carry a lot of essential documents. Carrying them physically is not an option. Carrying it online also exposes documents to some threat or the other what with the access to public Wi-fi and gadgets.
Keeping in mind the need for security, the digital world has come up with the app called Credential. This app gives the user access to all personal credentials, documents anytime anywhere. The touch ID verification and advanced data encryption of this app make it the most secure way to access one’s personal and business documents while on-the-go.


Navigation is one dicey task when in unfamiliar terrain. A wrong turn might easily lead to a loss of valuable time allotted for a working day. Missed meetings, missed deals, the risk of being lost while on business has high repercussions on a company. It has the potential to completely transform a successful business trip to a lost opportunity.
Embark is one app that solves this problem. A user can locate destinations and navigate with the air of a local no matter how unfamiliar a city he/she is in with this app.


When conducting business across the globe it is important that one is very careful about time zones. Arranging a meeting, planning to catch up over a coffee to sign a deal or simply meeting for work without proper knowledge of time zones may result in unfriendly responses. This would make an entrepreneur seem uncourteous and might also present him as someone who is unfamiliar with the basic corporate etiquettes.

Time zones are a baffling affair and with so many things running on an entrepreneurs mind, he is at a higher risk to confuse time zones. WorldTimeBuddy is one app that can help an entrepreneur stay up-to-date with it. It is an app that gives the user accurate time zones of the selected cities. One can customize this app to suit his/her needs by either choosing the basic, silver or gold version available.


Understanding the people one does business with is the most basic criteria for success. Many entrepreneurs find themselves in places where they do not understand a word of the language spoken. The iTranslate app helps one to take care of this problem. It helps the reader to read, write and speak to up to ninety languages in the world. One can also translate words between languages with this app. It comes with the option of sharing all the newly translated words via social media like SMS, email or Facebook. One can choose between the free version and the premium access of this app. The premium access gives the user access to features like voice commands and longer text.


It is but natural to want to unwind after a hard-working day. Being in unfamiliar places, unwinding becomes quite a task. First because one does not have friends to hang out with, nor the knowledge of the best places to be in. Nearify is one app that helps solve this problem. This app opens up to the user the social life of a city. It covers up to 20 million events worldwide. So whether one has shows, festivals or concerts in mind, this app will bring to the user all the details.

Traveling for business is a responsibility in itself. Nothing beats the pleasure of being able to stay organized and composed in the midst of these responsibilities. This not only helps an entrepreneur psychologically but also boosts up performance. Thanks to these apps the new era businessmen can control what they want to do with their time without having to face the risk of missing out on something important.

Peace of mind, secure information, being on time, staying healthy, these apps bring to the user all of the above. Use these apps and see how it changes the quality of every business experience on-the-go.

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