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Usman Raza is the co-founder of a Church Marketing Company and marketing strategist working with various brands online. Usman is the content marketing manager at an Email Marketing Agency, PSD to WordPress Theme, and Nano Hearing Aids. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.

As much as we hate to admit it, some business doesn’t accept the fact that producing high-quality content for a website regularly is way better than other SEO strategies. And when we encounter these types of people, we know they would prefer crafting tactics that are futile, and worse, are hurting their online presence.

If you don’t want to be listed among these businesses, then we’ll share our content writing secrets with you. By taking note of them, we’re confident that Google will take notice of your website and list you on top of SERPs!

Write Unique, High-Quality Content:

We all know that Google loves unique, high-quality content. But how do you do it?

According to a search engine giant, content is considered high-quality if it is engaging, unique, informative, and is designed to provide what a visitor wants. People fire up their search engines when they want to find answers to their questions. And if you were Google, would you give your clients something irrelevant? No.

That means if you want your business website to be visible online, invest in creating high-quality content that engages and answers your visitors’ questions. You can even hire a content creation agency to do the work for you if you don’t have time.

Do Not Create Web Pages that are Considered Low-Quality:

Some businesses believe that having a lot of web pages can help boost their search rankings. As a result, they end up creating a lot of pages; most of them are worthless.

Creating a web page that does not even provide value to online users may only be considered poor content by Google. And you know, Google hates it because it violates their Webmaster Guidelines.

Avoid Duplicate Content:

Google prioritizes unique content that sparks conversation. Thus, if you copy content from the web, do not expect to get higher rankings in SERP.

Any content that is scraped or plagiarized doesn’t offer new information to a web visitor. To make things worse, it may put you into trouble for copyright infringement. As a business owner, you should know the catch and try to keep your content unique. You can share the content with your colleagues and business partners wit the help of g-suite partner. It will make your work easy and efficient.

Check Your Website for Any Duplicate Content:

Even if it is your website, do not attempt to copy content from one page to another. Google might penalize you for doing so.

Yes, we know that you want to publish several pages for your site. But make sure the content is not the same. Google can easily recognize any duplicate content. No matter how you bend and interchange the keywords, doing that will not have an impact on your rankings.

Like copied content, duplicate content is not considered unique. Thus, it does not have any value based on Google’s guidelines. If you want to improve your visibility, increase your traffic, and rankings, it is a great idea to invest in unique content.


Before we end this, we suggest you go through our tips over and over. While they may seem like the basics, many take content for granted. That is why they do not see their business website on Google. Okay. We’ve shared a lot. It’s now up to you whether or not you take our tips to mind. Hopefully, you learned something from us.

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