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Discord, an app famously used over fanbases, is a voice, video, and text communication service to talk and hang out with your friends and communities. Discord is a server where people usually go to group chat. You don’t need to add people to your friends’ list to interact with them.

All you need is just a link to your discord channel. People can freely join or leave whenever they want if they have the link to your discord channel, sometimes making it unsafe, so access to your router panel first to create a secure network. This promotes autonomy and interaction. It is great because you don’t have to add people constantly.

Once they get your channel, it will be directly added to a list of channels available to them. Like, let’s say you play five different games. You can make a discord channel for each of those games and their specific communities or join an existing channel to find people with similar interests to make another channel with so you can communicate privately with other people.

Servers of Discord

This was all about Discord. Now let’s talk about Servers. A discord server is a group channel where you can interact with loads of people! Interesting, right? To create a server might sound like a daunting task, but I can assure you, it is far from that.

Servers can be created quite easily by simply scrolling to the bottom of your server list till you locate a Plus symbol. Hovering over it, you will notice the dialogue box that emerges, which can add a new server. Click on it, fill in the necessary details, and BOOM! You’re golden!

How to add bits to a discord server?

Coming back to our original question, how to add bots to a discord server? Well, there’s no better off getting started than first comprehend what bot is, so let’s get started. A bot is an AI entity that performs specific tasks for you and can be used exclusively on Discord Servers! Why is that?

Well, to access a bot without the need for a server, you would need to browse the internet, as Discord has no provisions for users to interact with themselves. That being said, a Server with no other participants is a quick way of getting around this. You can avail the services of your favourite bot without having to get any other user involved!

What kind of bots are there?

Now that we know what a bot is, let’s talk about what kind of bots are there. There are various bots developed by the discord community themselves and other open-sourced sources for their convenience. To find one that specifically meets your needs, you need to look up the bots on Google or any other search engine. Once you have your eyes on a specific bot, adding it is a breeze!

Usually, bots hosted on specific sites will have an option on their sites to add the bots on your choice of Discord Servers. Clicking on the said link will redirect you to a page that will select which Server you want to introduce your quirky little AI to.

After this is selected, the bot will be added to your Server! You can have fun with the several activities your AI supports. To call or, in an easier way of speaking, use your bot. You can call it by typing in an exclamation followed by the bot’s call name and then preferably the specific command you want to invoke. An example of a bot named MEE6 for doing a task would look like this:

!MEE6 *insert command here*

My favourite bots have their little games you can engage in while you’re out and about roaming the wastelands of Dust 2 on CSGO or waiting for your friends to log in to your farm in Stardew Valley. The possibilities are endless! My games include Hangman, guess the word, and Trivia.

Other quirky bots include music bots that blast your favourite tunes on the Voice channels! These little AI bots can find the specific songs you requested for, then not only fetch them, but they will also make sure your entire Server gets to know the music you love.

Be it EDM when you’re in the mood to celebrate a crucial ACE, or just the gloomy tunes of Three Days Grace when you’re in sorrow for your constant losses. Nothing is better than wallowing over lost AWPs over the grimy Rap numbers that either humble you or uplift you to get it back.


Bots come in various shapes and sizes, figuratively, of course, but they’re an essential addition to any Discord Server, especially ones with budding communities. Bots are beneficial to encourage healthy interactions within communities.

AI bots essentially mean they learn from our behavioural patterns to provide us with a better experience in your community Discord Servers. To incorporate a bot into your day-to-day conversations is a recommended step to have a great experience in Discord.

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