Liposuction of Inner Thigh

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Liposuction of Inner Thigh: Often on the street, you can find girls with a disproportionate figure. Chunky waist, flat stomach, thin face, and full legs. This feature of fat distribution is most often hereditary. What it means:

Exercise and diet will be ineffective in the fight against fat deposits on the hips. The breasts will decrease, the facial features will become sharp, but the volumes on the legs will not go away.

Liposuction was originally developed to fight fat in problem areas: on the abdomen, back, buttocks. The inner thigh also belongs to such areas. Liposuction can remove up to 3 liters of fat at a time without losing volume in other areas of the body.

Features of Liposuction of the Inner Thigh:

Fat transfer to hips can be used as an independent method or as a complex procedure. In the first case, a good effect should be expected if there are no problems with the skin: it is elastic, without folds and defects. Liposuction is often combined with lipofilling or skin grafting – in one operation, two problems of the patient are solved at once.

Indications for surgery:

Ideal Liposuction Candidate:

  • A slightly overweight man or woman.
  • Fat on the inner thighs does not go away from the classic methods of losing weight.
  • The skin in the area of ​​the procedure is elastic and free of defects.

The specialists of the Gold Laser clinic strive to help everyone on the way to a perfect figure. Therefore, we will help you prepare for the correction, and in case of skin problems, we will additionally carry out a skin tightening.


In some cases, liposuction is hazardous to your health. We will refuse the procedure if:

  • you have severe comorbidities;
  • there are local changes in the skin in the area of ​​liposuction – inflammation, rash, neoplasms;
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • there is an intolerance to anesthesia drugs.

Stop or treat comorbidities, wait for your baby to switch to complementary foods completely, get rid of inflammation or skin rashes. Pain reliever allergies can also be solved. Then, come to our anesthesiologist – he will select a drug to which you have no pathological reaction.

Preparation for Liposuction of Inner Thighs

At the preparation stage, you need to visit a plastic surgeon several times. For visit the patient has to book an appointment with a call. What do they do during the consultation:

  • conduct an examination: assess the condition of the skin and subcutaneous fat, collect anamnesis and complaints;
  • reveal the presence of contraindications;
  • sent for a consultation with related specialists (if necessary);
  • talk about the operation: How it goes, what to do the day before it, what effect to expect from the procedure;
  • photographs of the thighs to assess the effect before and after.

After the first consultation, you need to take tests on a doctor’s recommendation: blood, urine, ECG, and X-ray. If indicated, the doctor may additionally prescribe other examinations. Do not eat anything 8 hours before the plastic surgery. In general anesthesia the procedure will be perform on an empty stomach.

Rehabilitation Period: Restrictions and Care

Rehabilitation after liposuction of inner thighs lasts 3-4 weeks. What you need to do during this period:

  • go for routine examinations to a plastic surgeon;
  • wear compression underwear;
  • do not put excessive stress on the legs;
  • avoid mechanical irritation of the thighs (wear loose pants);
  • do not visit the solarium, bathhouse, and sauna.

In Conclusion:

After surgery, the patient can feel pain and redness on that part of the body. In this case, the doctor will advise the use of pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. The stitches can be remove after  5-10 days. They are cosmetic, so there are no scars or scars on the skin. In addition, liposuction results in slim and attractive legs, as the fat on the inner thighs no longer interferes.

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