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Although few of us can afford not to, working 40 hours or many more per week is enough to wear out your body and mind. If you’re not aware of ways to alleviate stress and worry, you will eventually suffer from low energy levels, decreased mental focus and even run the risk of total burnout.

A modern lifestyle can be draining, and not taking care of yourself will lead to many undesirable consequences. Your immune system will be weaker, while stress is a contributing factor to everything from heart disease to diabetes. Your mood will be bleaker and less stable, which can badly affect your relationships with others. Taking a few simple steps to combat stress will not only leave you feeling happier and healthier but will actually make you more productive.

Quality Sleep:

Few things can make a person feel quite as bad as being sleep deprived. If you absolutely cannot manage a solid night’s sleep, incorporating brief naps into your day may be a partial solution. Both your body and your mind will thank you for taking the time, and allowing yourself some rest will make you that much more effective afterward.


Regardless of how busy you are, investing in only a few minutes of physical activity every day will help improve your mood, allow you to mentally discard worries and disappointments, and significantly improve your health over the longer term. Cardio, weights or just active games are all good options.


When we spend all our days seeing the same sights and doing the same things, we become mentally stale and dissatisfied. Taking even a brief break, whether to visit another continent or just the nearest beach, can recharge your energy levels and help you regain perspective. Bring along your DSLR camera and scrapbook so you can share the experience with friends.

Get Organized:

We all know people who live in a constant state of crisis, while others seemingly cruise through life without a care in the world. One part of being the latter is to make use of lists, schedules, and memos to help you keep track of things. Whether it means never forgetting a birthday or simply knowing in advance what the workday will bring, being organized will leave your mental power free for when improvisation really is necessary.

Take Care of Your Body:

Overwork, junk food, poor routines: we’re all guilty of quite a few bad habits, sometimes, but anything that affects your health is guaranteed to catch up with you at some point. No matter how much you have to do or how anxious your boss seems, guarding your health should always be one of your top priorities. Good nutrition, and not skipping meals, is a good first step in this direction

Love Somebody:

Being in a healthy romantic relationship has a measurable impact on a person’s mental state, hormonal balance and sense of well-being. If you feel unready to commit to one partner, regular socializing will help you relax, while also gaining perspective on the things that sometimes happen in life.


Stress is literally going to kill you if you don’t make an effort to relieve it. Whatever your job, you should strive to maintain a work-life balance that won’t leave you a nervous wreck in five years’ time. If you often lose your temper without good reason or frequently feel anxious without knowing why it’s time to take action. Simply taking a walk during your lunch hour, or breakfasting on wholewheat bread instead of sugary cereal, may have a greater impact than you can imagine.

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