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Are you on the way to create out a new website?

Creating a website carries a lot into the process. First, it comes to design, then moves towards development. From developing content to your marketing plan, you don’t have much time in a day to work on all these things.

Obviously, a lot of things go into your mind, so make sure to give a good amount of time on Keyword research to guide your content strategy. This will make you clear about where you want to see your site in future and how to form your content. Many of best Digital Marketing Companies use keyword research tools, as it is an increasingly important skill for digital marketers. It helps the smart content marketer to find out on what topic they should write about.

Well, there are a few keyword research shortcuts and tools that are considered as an effective option. Having a good keyword research tools can help you with:

• Choosing the best keyword, based on your industry, monthly search and more

• Making a content calendar which is based on related long tail keyword

• Makes your aware about your competition

• Know which keywords have the highest search volume on your target list

• Betters your search engine rank

You can pay some amount to run high-level keywords suggestion tools but you can also try the combination of free tools that will bring you some really good results.

Here in this article, I’ll brief you with some advantages of these free keyword tools which will help you in gaining search engine result and develop useful and quality content for your readers:

1. Google Ad words: Keyword Planner

This free keyword tool has been a favorite for many years and the most obvious choice for a top shot. Google Keyword Planner is not just good for a new site but it can be your best companion even after your grow and produce more content.

The best advantage of this free tool is that it pulls out information directly from Google, which is the search engine you are looking forward to target while improving your site.

The procedure of this tool is simple; you have to enter keyword or keywords in the box.

Along with the keyword list, you will find out the average monthly research, competition and suggested bid. This tool doesn’t do anything special, it’s just that everything this tool does is right and that’s what matters most.

2. Ad Word& SEO Keyword Permutation Generator: You may struggle to uncover new keywords in your keyword research while launching your new site. This keyword tool will definitely help you. This keyword research tool is easy to get creative as you search for a keyword that goes with your site, marketing strategy and goals. The best part of this tool is that you can get creative.

What you have to do is just enter a keyword in each of three boxes and click ‘generates Permutations’ and wait for the magic to happen. The more keywords you insert in the boxes, the more results you’ll receive. One con of this tool is the vague results it generates sometimes. If keyword creativity is a problem for you, this tool will guide you well. There are several companies offering affordable SEO services that use this tool for website betterment and also to overcome your workload.

3. Google Correlate: Well, there is no problem in getting advice from a relevant source and that particular source is Google. Tool ‘Google Correlate’ is one of the most overlooked tools and it is highly powerful for developing a large keyword list.

The essential use of this tool is the capacity to see which keywords get sought together. By this, you can grow your keyword list. This tool was introduced by Google in 2011. It’s actually Google trends in reverse. This tool achieved some buzz and was a useful tool for academics, but was never appreciated by marketers.

4. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator: There are few keyword tools that are good for every type of website. This tool works amazingly for local service companies, as this keyword is designed in such a way that you’ll find local keywords. One advantage of this tool is if you don’t have any business types, then also you can run this tool. You have to replace some of the keywords on your own. But in the end, you’ll find the same basic result.

Keyword In: This tool helps you in combining your keywords in an easy way. It basically starts with long keywords. This tool is the simplest keyword research tool to use. In seconds, it plugs in your keyword, chooses your options and generates results. It has an option of double-back and gives you chance to change your keyword. This will give you more results.

I would suggest this tool to those people who are launching a new site, as it will keep things as simple as possible. It works without complication.

So the above 5 discussed keyword research tools will help you in choosing the right keyword and increasing your site’s search ranking and will push you closer to success.

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