Fiber Internet Connectivity

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Thinking to install fiber optic cables? If YES, this post will help you a lot!

In this digitized world, fiber optics is now playing a significant role in the data transfer and communication. It is the latest form of advancement in this broadband technology. As the name signifies, it makes use of glass or plastic cables that allow the transfer of data. On the other side, copper wires are used in normal broadband connections.

Now, you’ll be wondering what do Fiber and Optics means.

Let’s discuss!!!

Fiber – Thin glass wires that protect the layer present in the cable.

Optic – the technique through which data is transferred through light signals.

Unlike the traditional methods of transmission, which sends signals, via metallic-based systems, the fiber optics isn’t electrical in nature. When data is transmitted through this device, a light signal gets produces which the fiber cable carries to the receiver. The fiber optics isn’t an active source that produces electricity.

The fiber optic connection doesn’t get degraded over the distance, unlike DSL and cable broadband, enabling for continuous premium data transfer speeds.

Where Can You Get It?

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How Does It Work?

The lines which produce fiber broadband include fiber optics. These appear like cool hippy lamps. The cable includes tiny tubes, and these are thick as well. The data gets transferred through these tubes, and these bounce off the internal walls to travel along the cable. The device at the receiving end can interpret the flashes as data.

The information transferred over fiber optic cables completely depends on the optical network technology. The light waves are modulated and encoded to send and receive information. Additionally, by using this means of technology, you can have an access to the end-to-end connection of the systems.

The Advantages

  • The Quality of Connection

Fiber is the immune to the severe weather, temperature changes, and moisture. All of them can obstruct the connectivity of the copper cable. In addition to this, the fiber doesn’t carry electric current, so that isn’t concerned about EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) which can interrupt the transfer of data. Also, it doesn’t support a fire hazard, such as worn or old copper cables can.

  • Faster Speed

A core is present inside the fiber optic cables which carries light for the data transmission. This enables the fiber optic cables for carrying signals at a faster speed.

  • Great Bandwidth

The copper cables were intended for voice transmission. Also, these have limited bandwidth. The bandwidth of fiber optic cables for carrying data is more in contrast to the copper cables of the same diameter. Within the fiber cable, singlemode fiber provides a double amount of the multimode fiber.

  • More Scalable

The fiber optics is scalable, as this is easy to install a new device. The wavelengths can be switched on or off on demand that allows easy provisioning of the servicing and rapid scaling.

  • Lighter and Thinner

When compared with copper wiring the optical fibers are lighter and smaller. The fiber can resist more pull pressure rather than copper and is less prone to any damage and breakage.

  • Security

Fiber is the most secure network. As the fiber optics doesn’t radiate the signals, so there’s no method to hear the transmissions passing through. The breaches can be easily identified as early as they occur because any physical beak in the system will lead to the complete system failure. These allow to keeping the hardware in one location. As such, its maintenance is quite simple.

  • Long-term Cost-Effectiveness

The fiber optics is long-term network that doesn’t require the similar overhead as the copper networks actually need. These are costly upfront. Moreover, the capacity for the scalability long-term outweighs the startup investment. With the increase in the fiber optics, you will less likely watch a reduction in the cost over time.

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