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Everyone wants to make its approach in across world and today’s era blogging is a great way to connect the world and make money online. The hobby of blogging also express your passion and express your knowledge of particular topic all over the world. Blogging also helps you to promote your business as well as personal interaction with your audience. So in this article, I will tell you about free platform that providing free blogging

Since blogging is easy to use this provides you customization tool and share your knowledge which public wants to know.

If you never blogging before and want to start a blog the first thing comes to mind is knowledge of HTML and CSS. As we all know in past some years if somebody wants to start a blog or website knowledge of HTML and CSS was must but in these days if someone wants to start its blog he can create a free blog within few hours.

As you start a blogging you have to decide whether you want to pay for this or not because some platform gives free facility to start a blog while some platform charge money and provides extra benefits. This choice is determined by blogger which type of service he wants to avail.

There are some blogging websites that provides paid and free services, which is beneficial for you when your small blog target big audience.


Wordpress is most popular software for blogging. It is also an open source platform where anybody can build his own blog and website. The blogging on WordPress is hosting by almost every hosting websites, so there is no any problem in case you need to transfer you hosting from to your own hosting. When you are using a WordPress blogging platform you no need to spent any amount on it but if you want a self-hosted blog on word press then definitely you will need to pay money for a domain and web hosting.


Blogger is one of the free and one the most popular blogging platform. The blogger acquired by Google in 2003 and it also offers a quick and easy way to create a blog. To access a blogger first you have an account at because is running by google. You can easily customize your templates if you have good knowledge of web technologies like HTML and CSS.



Tumblr is one of the most used platforms and these days this is very popular in the younger audience. The best feature of blogger is its focus on the community of bloggers and also it offers varieties of option for reblogging and sharing of content.


  • Open source and easy to use.
  • Use customize domain
  • As it is micro-blogging platform so it is easy to create blog video, GIFs, and images.


Live journal is a paid and free version. This platform is used to create newspaper and blog. It offers a facility like multiple author blog, poles and calendars and lots of social media features which make its different from other websites.

The blog creates on LiveJournal can be easily connected with social media like twitter, facebook and google+ which allows your blog greater visibility. You can also create your blog in different languages like Dutch, German, French, English and if you are not so good in English you can also try other languages to create a blog. There are various features of LiveJournal like video uploading, private message sending, photo uploading etc.

Wix.com_website_logo.svg is one of the best blogging sites and you can create a mesmerize looking websites. You can create a creative website without the use of any programming language. With help of this platform, anyone can create a gorgeous website like professional designers.

One of the best features of wix is, it provides various tools suitable your website like if you want to design a website related hospital, hotels, restaurants then there are various tools available for every type of website.

Features of

  • It works well with Google analytics and Google webmaster.
  • More than 500 templates that match with today’s trend.
  • More drag and drop facility so that you can create your design without knowledge of coding.


Medium is one of the fastest growing free blogging platforms that anyone can create his blog and have its personal space on the web. You can write your blog by creating an account with e-mail and Twitter account. The is very focused on quality content and type of content which you are writing.

  • Your post reaches only to the interested audience about your topic not all type of audience.
  • It keeps your information secure using industry standard security measures.

Company-logo-Jimdo-new is one of the famous free blog website and it allows you to create a website with lower storage capacity of 500MB and provides you a friendly interface any type of desktop and mobile phones

This platform provides an opportunity to make a personal blog and with some additional features, you can upgrade with paid version starting with 6$ per month.

It supports HTML technology so if you have any knowledge about this technology then you can easily customize your design.


With the yola platform, one can create a free blog. We can say this is one of the more reputed platforms among bloggers. You can use up to 1 GB of bandwidth and 1 Gb of storage space. If you want to start premium version then 3 types of plans Bronze, silver and gold starting with 4.95 $ per month. It also offers free banner, customer service and SEO facility depending upon your version.


Weebly is one of the free and easiest ways to create a blog. It is a free platform for blogging which offers SEO elegant design templates. Creating a blog in this platform is almost free but if you want some extra features then you have to pay 5$ for starting.

There are many benefits to use Weebly:

  • SEO optimization
  • Elegant design templates.
  • Customize templates using HTML 5

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