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Oliver Threlfall is the CEO of TechLoc, a provider of innovative assets and workforce management technology for businesses. TechLoc asset tracking and business systems now has three international offices in the US, Canada and Australia and continues to roll out all over the globe. A biology major at Deakin University and a born entrepreneur, Oliver also founded Steamatic Australia, a leading cleaning and restoration firm servicing Australian businesses and families.

Mobility is a way of life in today’s workforce. If your business isn’t mobile, you automatically place it in a disadvantageous position.

The most competitive companies are making sure that they are where their target market needs them to be and that they are also able to tap new ones. Aside from these, they create mobile teams to increase efficacy and efficiency of processes.

Benefits of Mobility in Ensuring Growth and Success

1.   They become more accessible.

With improved accessibility, work doesn’t stop because a key personality in the organization is not physically present in the workplace. With the right tech solutions, members can go about their daily responsibilities on the move and still remain in touch with teammates and other people they’re working with in the company.

2. They can provide immediate resolutions to issues.

Problems that suddenly arise are given instant attention by relevant team members. Most tech solutions for business mobility provide timely updates or notifications. With prompt reports, the people who can address or solve the issues can execute the appropriate action. This helps prevent such setbacks from getting buried under the pile of accountabilities and being forgotten.

3. They can elevate the business’s standard of customer service.

Better services are created when teams are mobile. They can attend to specific concerns and demonstrate a more intimate approach to assisting clients because they don’t need to be stuck in their work stations – this is a solid strategy to set the company apart from its competitors.

The Tech Solution for Team Mobility

Various tech solutions can help ensure these advantages. Thanks to the countless developments with technology, there are programs and other provisions that accurately target the mobility objectives of growing enterprises.

A vast majority of tech solutions are designed for smartphones and other portable devices. Smartphones or iPhones are the preferred devices for teams because they are compact, affordable and versatile.

It’s easier to tap into these devices’ special capabilities to assist with day-to-day operations. Studies show that 68% of business emails are now opened on a smartphone. Plus, most people are doing more of their work through it. According to, from 2010 to 2015, Internet usage on desktop and laptop devices stayed flat. Meanwhile, mobile usage increased by 600 percent.

Among the many tech solutions that make smartphones valuable devices for team mobility is a Cloud-based asset and workforce tracking system. It utilizes powerful technology. Through this technology, mobility is prevented from becoming an opportunity for questionable activities to transpire – businesses can stay protected from liabilities to operations. Mobility remains an asset.

What a High Performing Tracking System Can Do

  •  Minute by minute tracking of all mobile assets and workforce
  • Ability to export all data for billing and payroll systems
  • Maintain control over where assets and workforce can and can’t go
  • Ability to track assets that previously would have been cost-inhibitive to do

Benefits Provided by an Asset and Workforce Tracking System

  • Improved response time for better customer service
  • Ensured safety of the team
  • Limited asset loss. This is because the GPS tracking technology establishes the accurate location of all assets. So, when they leave the area where they should be, that’s reported by the system right away.
  • Prevented time-wasting efforts for certain processes. There will be fewer occasions of forgetting where assets are and spending a lot of time searching for them.
  • Improved worker attitude and productivity. In the 2014 data provided by, 69 percent of respondents admitted to wasting time at work. This ceases to be an issue with the help of the system. There’s nothing like a tracking device to constantly remind employees that they should use their time wisely for the company.
  • Improved bottom line
  • Better evaluation of worker performance
  • Proper identification of areas for improvement in the operations

Additional Side Benefits

It’s worth mentioning that the best asset tracking system doesn’t cost companies a considerable amount of money. Compared to earlier provisions, it’s surprisingly affordable, considering everything that it is able to do. With its smart technology, thousands of dollars are saved because there’s no need to purchase new equipment for the system.

Likewise, there’s no pricey installation fee. The system comes with a free training material and it’s ready for download. This includes the smartphone app.

Also, because it’s a Cloud-based system, no matter where team members may be in the world, or whatever they may be doing, they can monitor the daily activities in the company. They can remain in control of tasks entrusted to them even if they’re not physically present in the workplace.

With its many capabilities at a rather affordable price, it goes without saying that this tech solution is a worthy investment for companies that have mobile teams.

High performing teams are a must for competitive companies. For them to accomplish more, it’s imperative to be mobile. So, for the teams achieving great things for your organization, make sure they have a system that works for the dynamic way they get things done. You need to have an asset and workforce tracker in place. Not only will it support the mobility of your business, but it will also ascertain the consistently high productivity level of your teams.

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