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In the booming cyber age, everyone is holding a cutting-edge smartphone in hand and talking about the effectiveness of digital marketing tools. Well, there’s no denying their power, cost-effectiveness, and reach.

We never had such an ability to spread the word far and wide and draw customers in. But, saying that digital is killing the traditional doesn’t tell the full story. In fact, the traditional way of putting products, services, and messages in front of the people is far from dead.

When worlds collide

Rest assured that, despite what many digital enthusiasts would have you believe, traditional marketing is not rendered futile or obsolete. Yes, in terms of reach, digital is stealing the show. Handing out flyers in the street cannot rival social media campaigns that can potentially engage millions of people worldwide.

Furthermore, techniques such as aggressive ads and cold calling have given traditional marketing a bad name. Many customers have grown weary and avoid these like the plague. They employ ad blockers and hang up on people disturbing them in their homes. However, we must realize that some techniques that were heavily used in past still have an important role to play in the high-tech world of today.

For instance, what if you are a small business looking to leave a mark on the local landscape? Would you not consider printing custom T-shirts and business cards before developing expensive content marketing campaigns? It makes more sense to start in your own backyard and develop a devoted customer base before attempting to capture an international audience. Would you not consider a large LED screen which shows your product information to the people? Just like this website

The oldest trick in the book

So, let’s take a look at some tactics that can add value to your business and help you fulfill your marketing goals.

They may seem quaint to some, but press releases are still widely used in some business sectors. They enable companies to introduce new products or the addition of new tweaks and features to the existing palette. After all, people haven’t stopped reading the news. Therefore, depending on your target audience, publishing in local magazines and newspapers could boost your visibility and engage customers.

In this day and age, where billions of users roam around social media channels, nothing actually compares to getting out there and connecting with real people. Call them old school, but many businessmen do a great deal of networking outside networks such as LinkedIn. They prefer face-to-face over virtual contacts and can you really blame them? There are some opportunities that you inevitably miss unless you visit conferences, workshops, trade fairs, and other business events.

Likewise, word of mouth remains a staple marketing method. It allows companies to tap into a stream of referrals, which is basically a free and highly effective form of marketing carried out by loyal and happy customers.

Image imprinted in mind

At first glance, print ads could appear like a less cost-effective option compared to omnipresent digital ads. What is more, there are only so many people you can reach this way. Yet, the power of printed media lies in the fact that it’s physical and tangible. Thus, it tends to have a stronger impact on customers compared to digital mumbo-jumbo they see online.

One indication of how digital and traditional can be entwined is putting a link to the corporate website or blog on the flyer. If people visit your website after receiving a piece of the printed ad, you have a chance to track advertising effectiveness, which is hard to pull off otherwise.

Finally, we should not forget about business cards that are still one of the essential tools in the arsenal. They enable businessmen to make a proper impression and introduce themselves to fellow entrepreneurs in a professional way.


Two sides of the same coin

We are living in an internet-driven world where modern technology is woven into almost every aspect of our reality. It’s rather easy to overlook tradition in the presence of dazzling tech marvels.

But, as it turns out, traditional marketing still has something to say about this, finding a way to survive and secure its place. There’s a variety of techniques that deliver results, so make sure to integrate them in your marketing strategy.

At the end of the day, the best approach is precisely the integrative one. Companies that use the traditional together with novelty marketing strategies are able to get the best of both worlds and rise above the competition.

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