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In today’s highly competitive online business landscape, content marketing is mandatory for all business firms/organizations that have a good online presence. A well-executed content marketing (the process of producing meaningful and user-centric content) helps them to convey their business message to the targeted audience and bring more traffic to their websites. It helps them to register a sharp growth in online business in a short period of time.

However, achieving all these targets is not easy. Content development is a time-consuming process as it takes a lot of time to gather relevant facts and figures, write them in an organized way and ensure the uniqueness of the written stuff. Small business owners that have restricted resources and budgets fail to implement their content marketing strategy in a proper manner. As a result, their business gets affected.

So, people often ask how they can hone their content marketing efforts and achieve the end goals? If you are using WordPress to promote your business, you can use a number of resources and take several steps to improve your content marketing efforts. Just have a look at the key strategies detailed here below:

1. Define Your Ultimate Goal:

People operate websites to achieve specific goals such as to increase brand awareness, sales, leads, the number of subscribers, readership on the sites, etc. So, first of all, you need to decide what is the ultimate goal of your website. If you’ve set your target, it will be easier for you to identify the targeted audience and work accordingly.

2. Create A Content Calendar For All Platforms:

These days, high-quality and valuable content is required not only for updating the websites but also for accomplishing a number of assignments aimed at achieving your end goals such as

  • Sending interactive and appealing newsletters to subscribers
  • Updating various social media pages,
  • Communicating with customers/clients, etc.

If you don’t have a well-planned content calendar, it is possible that you may face problems in executing your tasks across various channels at the right time. This may affect the performance of your website badly and you may miss your target.

Therefore, you must have a definite content calendar so that you could arrange and distribute enough content to perform various SEO activities without any interruption or difficulty.

3. Create SEO-Optimized Content In Sufficient Numbers:

In order to fulfill the growing demands of quality content, you need to create enough content one after another without missing the set deadline. Most of the Internet marketing experts and content developers do copy paste job to create new content. Such lousy content is disliked by Google. If you use low-quality content in your SEO efforts, your website may be penalized too.

To create high-quality content, do the following:

  • Write content in your own language and style. Don’t copy from other websites blindly. You must read their materials for reference only.
  • Write different types of content in accordance with the guidelines of search engines. Keep the language simple and easy so that all people could understand the main message of your content easily.
  • Make your content interesting as people don’t go through plain and boring text content. You can use quality images, audio, video, catchy titles, sub-titles, bullet points to glamorize your content and make it useful for readers.

Note: If you are unable to create enough quality content (due to lack of resources, skillful staff, knowledge, time, etc,), you can contact a content writing agency to meet your needs in a timely fashion.

4. Promote Your Content On The World Wide Web:

There is no benefit of creating great content if people don’t find it on the web. So, whenever you write content, promote it on the World Wide Web by utilizing the various SEO tricks. When you do so, your content starts appearing in search engine results against the user’s quarries. This brings traffic to your website and increases business opportunities for you.

5. Use WordPress Resources To Automate Content Marketing Efforts

It has been observed that most of the website owners are extremely inconsistent in their content marketing efforts. This may affect the performance of their site greatly and they may not be able to register the maximum output on their investment.

If you are also inconsistent while implementing content marketing for your WordPress, you can use some resources to automate your efforts and accomplish various tasks easily and quickly. Have a look at some main options:

a) Editorial Calendar- It will help you to plan your site’s posting schedule effectively and ensure the timely publication of content.

b) Schedule Posts Calendar- You can use this plugin to schedule your post in advance and publish them at the right time. When you update your site regularly with valuable content, you get the prompt and tremendous response from the targeted audience.

c) Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler– It distributes the published content automatically to all social media channels. It helps you gain more traffic to your site and generate leads from social media fans/followers/audiences.

d) All in One SEO Pack- You can use this plugin to your SEO exercise and improve its visibility in different search engines. There are also many best SEO plugins available in the market including this

e) Google Analytics- Use this plugin to track the performance of your website and get a comprehensive report on the user’s activities on your website. You can utilize the obtained input to redesign your content marketing efforts as per the user’s interest and achieve your ultimate business goals easily.

f) GoDaddy Email Marketing- It helps you a lot in your E-mail marketing efforts and helps you build a large subscriber base easily in a short duration of time.

6. Solve Customer’s Concerns Through Content

When customers deal with your business and use your products/services, problems emerge from time-to-time. Your audience may have several concerns related to your business/products. As a serious business owner, you should have proper infrastructure and resources to address the legitimate concerns of visitors once they bring their problem into your notice.

You can also use content to resolve user’s quarries. For example- If a person is looking for detailed information about specific product/service, you can suggest him/her go through the specific content by pointing the exact URL. It helps you in two ways- your customer gets satisfied with your instant response and you get more CTR on your website.


These are some content marketing recommendations that you use to implement while handling a business website based on WordPress. Successful implementation of all these tips will help you increase page views on your website dramatically.

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