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As a business owner, who likes to follow those old and time-consuming ways of performing business operations, old techniques may be useful. Still, to ensure fasten up the business operations, it’s not a good idea to follow.

Technology has made our lives easier, and even if we still don’t make the best of its use, then we have done nothing in our lives productive. Innovations and advancements in technology are happening continuously.

Every day, an entrepreneur initiates business with a specific unique technological element, and then in a few days, it becomes old; it’s a common practice these days. For a sensitive industry like software development, automation is the most prominent advancements of technology.

Within the development life cycle of a software product, chances are maybe many hidden errors that may not seem harmful. Still, they are the major future threat for organizations regarding bad user experience, unsatisfied users, and a loss in market share.

Automation also aids the quality assurance professionals to check and detect the bugs and errors involved within a software product to ensure software quality before launching it in the market. Automation testing plays a key role in speeding up the testing process. Many organizations consult automation testing companies for their professional testing services to not leave any room for software discrepancy.

Referring to automation testing companies may suffice the testing requirements of software firms, but there needs to be taken some steps on your own to speed up the tests. Here are some of them, let’s discuss them out;

Be Organized:

keeping your tests organized may not seem to be the top priority of your daily work, but it will simplify your future work. You should keep test cases lean and reusable and automate functions at the unit level. By practising good test management methods, maintaining accurate data, and keeping clear, automated reports, you and your team can run tests more easily when needed.

Talk to Your Teammates:

For the team, teammates are essential assets for effective and efficient testing. Whether you are an independent tester in a software team composed mainly of developers, or one of the other fifty automation engineers, there will always be other stakeholders in the software.

Communicating with these people will help everyone stay consistent in terms of documentation and reports and the state of the software (including new features, what needs to be tested, what has been tested, and what needs to be fixed).

Know When to Automate:

Obviously, automated testing will make things exponentially simpler and faster, but automated wrong test cases will only slow down the progress. Although manual testing is a time-consuming task, new test cases require exploratory testing, and spending some time at the beginning of the test can avoid you having to try to do it automatically later.

Ultimately, knowing that they can be automated before running the best cases will prevent you from wasting time, which is the worst nightmare for software testers.

Use of Appropriate Tools:

If you are unaware of using the appropriate tools to help you, then becoming a good tester will only take you far. Adapting to the open-source testing frameworks and investing in accurate automation test tools that well aligns your business requirement are the only ways of making your life easier and simple.

For instance, to use parallel testing, you need to rely on Cross Browser Testing tools to cloud-based Selenium Grid.

Use of Parallel Testing:

although automation will undoubtedly help you test more parts of your application faster. Its downside is that it can only be done in a sequential manner-usually only more than one automated test can be run at a time.

However, for parallel testing, by allowing different tests to run simultaneously, the degree of automation can significantly increase. Suppose you are intelligent enough to grasp the vitality of performing the same tests on several browsers, operating systems, and devices.

In that case, you can also view the value of completing all tests at once through parallel testing instead of running the script on the configuration again and again.

Final Thoughts

Every business desire to be much more effective while being efficient in its business processes and operations. A well strategic approach to automate testing can help organizations succeed in speeding up their tests; otherwise, organizations have to suffer in terms of not delivering quality user experience and market share. To speed up the tests, the steps mentioned above must be taken into consideration.

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