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In the time a small or medium sized business owner of any type comes to you seeking for suggestion, it is usually about how to use, better to say how to utilize as well as maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of using social media. Everybody wants to be active on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and the many different blog sites to promote their business. A few people have a vague idea about blogging, and how well consistent or regular blogging helps you to reach a large number of people, or how fast as well as easy a tweet can light up a million of Twitter users just in a few minutes, and so forth.

Business Promotion via LinkedIn

Rarely do you get somebody who out and out understands just how advantageous or beneficial the LinkedIn is for his or her business? It is really unfortunately for people who are in the business but hardly try social media, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and or Facebook for their business promotion and marketing. Now, it could be that we do not want to talk much about LinkedIn, which we hope you people surely understood, which we hope this blog post serves to remedy, but, it is likely that there are many people who do not know how to utilize this excellent platform ‘LinkedIn’ and more over which facets of it to help them capitalize on to make them a beneficial or advantageous tool.

Let us have a rough estimate of LinkedIn users.

In the time you look at the number of users of LinkedIn, you will certainly come to know how users are increasing day-by-day on LinkedIn and how they are sharing images or photos, and sharing their messages world over. While this statistics might be a bit out dated, but will give you an estimation to understand about the users. Compared to Facebook over a billion accounts, Twitter has more than a half of that over the 500 million, and finally LinkedIn that has over 300 million users, which is quite impressive.
Yes, Twitter and Facebook are bigger and comes under the 1st bracket, but LinkedIn stood second and that is constant for past few years.

LinkedIn caters to those or that businesses or the communities that need a wide array of networking power of social media sans sacrificing the attention or focus on people utilizing the LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you would only see that business related material that many different would see and find useful. Whatsoever the size of your business, you would see the benefits of LinkedIn – We can almost guarantee it. Yes, you can differentiate Facebook over LinkedIn then you must see that there are 5x people on Facebook, but the people on LinkedIn are out and out different reason – to market or to promote as well as grow their business, whatever the business size or type is.

Why Are You Active on LinkedIn?

One question certainly comes up in your mind – Why are you active on LinkedIn? The answer could to two types. You want to get in touch with people of same kind or profession and want to accelerate your professional profile, or you want to promote your business, products and or services. LinkedIn is good, because of several reasons. It is good for posting blog and generate do follow back links on your business or individual website, and get in touch with high profile, semi-profile etc. people who could help you in your professional life. And, if you are a businessman or businesswoman, then we are in the business to make money, right?

What are the Benefits of Being Active on LinkedIn?

When you show your LinkedIn profile to your users; they usually get all these things.

  • You can show people who you are and where you have come from, what your skills, and what your profession and more about yourself. This is quite relevant to your online resume as well as experience, and from the perspective of business it is good for product or service marketing and promotion at the same time.
  • Your LinkedIn profile shows your latest products and or services you come up with via your blog post which is sometimes called LinkedIn post and get to know more about your new products or services and upcoming products as well.
  • When you show your LinkedIn profile to your connected people, you will come to know many new opportunities from the individual point of view, and from business point of view you will let others recommend as well as endorse you for your skills as your past project work.
  • You can get some social proof as well, when you update your business skills as well as talents. In the time you recommend or endorse others and let others endorse you; your business profile will surely get more exposure online that would be helpful for your strategic marketing.
  • You should show your projects off, the pieces of work you have completed. It is much easier and quicker to get people to contact with you whether you have showed of your work. You can adjoin relevant works, documents and other completed works whether it applies for your business need.
  • With your LinkedIn profile you can get enough traffic to your website. In the time people like whatever they see on your social profile; they will certainly look at your blog and click on your links and visit your website, whether it is individual or business website.

LinkedIn Business Update

  • Give your visitor new blog posts relevant to your products or services or new products or services update.
  • Share posts with images of your products or services that your users enjoy and get in touch with you via LinkedIn.
  • Build relationship with other business profiles who regularly update their business profiles.
  • You need constant reminder to your connections about your online presence and that is good for business when you use LinkedIn.

Last, but certainly not the least LinkedIn is good not only for individuals but also for business to use it for business promotion, market your products and services, set a social marketing campaign and boost online presence. These days, many small, medium and even large scale business enterprises use LinkedIn for business promotion, then why not you? Yes, you must be ready for the new league of business promotion and LinkedIn will certainly help you.

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