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Blizzard Entertainment has given players another chance to visit the 2006 version of Azeroth by releasing World of Warcraft Classic. Fans are loving the game because the Classic version has created the game in a whole new way. Not only this, but players had to wait in long queues because everyone was trying to play in on the launch day. Many players even used all of their WoW Classic gold, which is much more valuable currency than WoW gold in the main game, to buy various items, and some of them are now trying to buy WoW Classic gold.

Character Transfers Are Live

World of Warcraft Classic is just like the original game. You will get to see the same visuals, participate in the same quests, and even encounter bugs that you once used to. Blizzard has also announced that character transfers are now available in the US, and that too for free. This means that players who were playing on high-popular servers and realms can finally move their characters to a server that has fewer players. This will allow them to play in a server that has a balanced population.


How Much Time Will It Take?

If you’re interested in moving your characters to a different server, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Blizzard will keep character moves open during the weekend. However, during the times when servers are busy, it will take several hours for your characters to get transferred to another server.


Things to Keep in Mind

In addition to this, you will have to make sure that your character isn’t a guild leader, has no active auction listings or builds, and has an empty mailbox. If any of this isn’t followed, then the transfer will fail. Once the transfer is complete, you will need to change your character’s name. Keep in mind that this will be a permanent change, meaning that you won’t be able to change the name again.

This means that the character transfer process can be somewhat time-consuming. However, playing in an overcrowded server is not something that you will enjoy. So, it will be wise to spend a few hours and go through the process to play in a less crowded and peaceful server. This will allow you to explore World of Warcraft Classic without any problems.


The Classic Version

For those who don’t know, World of Warcraft Classic is the version 1.12 of the original game. This version was called the Drums of War. This update was released just before The Burning Crusade update, and it added some important content to the game. While players wanted to see the content of The Burning Crusade in the Classic version, Blizzard has some other plans. They recently revealed that they are going to add new content such as areas and equipment to the Classic version in six different phases.

At the moment, they are yet to reveal the exact date of each phase, but we can expect to see new content in the coming months. In the meantime, you can enjoy the content already featured in the Classic version. If you’re a World of Warcraft subscriber, you will already have access to the Classic. However, if you’re not, then you will need to purchase a $15 subscription from the Blizzard Shop.

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