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Are you wondering whether Google Reviews will improve SEO rankings or not? If so, then keep stick to this blog, and you will come to know how Google Reviews help you build SEO rankings for your website.

Let’s first clear that Google Reviews will help increase overall search rankings and build an effective website that search engines recognize and give more importance to another website with no Google reviews.

However, there are many factors that affect search engine rankings. Customer reviews play a major role in building a strong website that delivers value to users.

As search engines, like Google, give more importance to solving users queries effectively, for such they give ranking to the website and show on top those websites that provide the best solutions to users.

As Google Reviews are from real-customers and consist of their experience, embedding them on a website builds valuable content.

Thus check how Google reviews will improve your website rankings and help in overall SEO.

How Do You Know Google Reviews Matter At First Place?

When it comes to SEO, one must not think of reviews because it mostly relates to building quality links, content creation, meta, etc. But reviews play much importance when it comes to a local business or online stores.

According to the survey conducted by Local SEO Guide in 2017, it is found that reviews on a business listed on Google My Business were ranking on top for the search terms on Google than websites.

Google considers giving top rankings to the businesses nearby to the users and those with good ratings.

If you have an already strongly built SEO business website, then your website will appear on the search engine even without reviews.

But for those who don’t have such strong SEO or a new business website, adding Google Reviews will build a strong website.

Even if you don’t have a local business store and own an eCommerce website without any physical location. Still, Google Reviews have a huge impact on your SEO and rankings on Google.

It’s found that Google Reviews on the website increased organic page views on the website and rankings on Google.

Why Google Reviews Increase SEO Rankings?

You might have studied the surveys or checked graphs on how Google Reviews improve business rankings on Google. You might still be unsure why and how do reviews improve rankings and why Google considers these websites on top.

So here below why Google Reviews increase your SEO rankings:

1. Reviews Enhance Business Trustworthiness

Adding real customers reviews makes your website trustworthy and all-in-one-place where your users will get relevant information about your business or website.

When Google sees your website is presenting unbiased and customer-oriented information that provides value for their search term.

Your potential customers are looking for real-people reviews or recommendations to know what they are saying about your business.

With that, Google is also looking for websites and businesses with a higher number of reviews and ratings from real-life people instead of branded-content only.

2. User Easily Find Website or Business

Google is the major search engine worldwide where millions of people come to search for the business they are looking for. Thus, the higher your website or business rank on Google, it would be much easier for your potential customers to click on your business website.

About 50% of traffic clicks on the website is located on the top five search engine results. Embedding Google Reviews on the website increases top ranking on the search engine, improving your website’s organic rankings.

3. Reviews Show How You Care About Customers

Reviews represent your business’s real picture and give a realistic appearance that your customers want to see about your business.

It might be a combination of positive, negative, and neutral reviews, but it reflects your business’s genuine image and tells people how you respect customers’ feedback.

Displaying reviews offer you an opportunity to better your business, improve from mistakes, and provide the best solutions to your customers.

Addressing customers complaints and explaining how you are working on improving your business’s experience and journey build a strong image of your business.

4. Help In Bring More Conversions & Sales

When customers click on the website, they are more likely to buy the product but only when it is worth spending money.

Google Reviews entice your users about the product or service you are selling on your website as real people are talking about your business.

These are powerful enough to turn your website visitors into paying customers, increasing your products and services’ conversion rate.

Over To You…

Google reviews embellish your website with customer feedback, trustworthy reviews, glittering ratings, and enhance SEO.

If you are not using Google reviews on your business website, you miss out on huge opportunities.

Google Reviews are effective enough to improve your website ranking, build SEO, and boost your website’s conversion rate.

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